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15 Super Easy Hair Hacks For Lazy Uni Girls

15 Super Easy Hair Hacks For Lazy Uni Girls


Having long hair can be exhausting…especially if you’re lazy. For those of us who don’t have the time, energy, or desire to spend hours and hours brushing, pulling, and pinning our hair up to look fabulous as can be – don’t you worry. Here are 15 super easy hair hacks for all us gals who like to get ready in a pinch (and still look good)!

1. Fake a thicker ponytail.

To accomplish this look, find two hair ties. Separate your hair into two sections—one at the top of your hair, and one as the bottom. Tie the top section into a ponytail. Then, tie the bottom section. Be sure to space them out, and allow them to layer naturally. Remember, you’re creating an illusion. This works best with wavy or curled hair. It’s a simple style but a nice way to switch things up.



2. Use visual illusions to  give your hair some oomph.

Hair looking flat and thin? Grab your eye shadow pallet and a brush. All you need to do is add some eye shadow (one that matches your hair colour) to your roots and scalp. Mousse and dry shampoo are also great products for adding even more volume.

3. Use bobby pins for a quick and pretty accessory.

We all know that bobby pins are great for holding hair in place. But with a pop of colour, they can be fun and stylish too!  Just spritz a spray of hairspray onto your bobby pin, and stick it into your hair (bumpy side down). You can form cute shapes by using several bobby pins.

4. Get rid of static by using dryer sheets.

Whoever came up with this deserves an award. So you’ve just finished designing your hair, but there’s a problem. It’s super static-y and your baby hairs are sticking up like unicorn horns. But no fear — you can use a dryer sheet (yes, the ones you use for your laundry) to smooth out your hair. You can either run it over the top, or between strands.


5. Create gorgeous curls while you sleep. (AKA the “Friar Tuck”)

This one is a great because you can do it overnight and wake up flawless! All you need is a headband. Slip the headband over your head like a halo. Then, section your hair like you would for small curls. Take a piece, starting from the left side and loop it around the headband. Make sure that the end is tucked underneath and secure. Repeat for the remaining sections of your hair. When you wake up the next morning, carefully remove your hair from the headband. This is a great hairstyling trick because you aren’t damaging your hair with heat or chemicals and still get those beautiful loose ringlets.

6. Sleep on a satin pillowcase.

A cotton pillowcase will tangle and frizz out your hair, as I’m sure you know. Satin and silk pillowcases, on the other hand, are a good investment because they’re smooth and way less harmful to your hair – you’ll wake up with smooth, pretty strands.

7. Spice up your boring ponytail with an extra knot.

So you’ve gotten into a usual, dull routine. You want to reinvent your typical go-to. Well, a double knot ponytail is just what you need. Collect your hair into a ponytail style. But instead of using an elastic to finish the look, split your hair into two sections (left and right). Fold them over and create a knot. Once the first knot is finished, repeat this again to create a second knot. Then take a hair tie and tie it after the big knot. Keep in the mind that this is one of those hair hacks that probably works best with long hair.



8. Create a fancy looking up-do in seconds.

This is great for wet hair. Plus, after you take your hair out of the style, it will be wavy and beautiful. To start off, split your hair into three sections. Twist the middle section around and around and then secure it. Essentially, you’re making little buns. Do the same for the left and right sections and you’re good to go!

9. Fake clean hair by only washing the important parts.

You have 10 minutes before you have to leave for uni class. What do you do? Brush your bangs downward, in front of your face. Throw the rest of your hair into a large clip. Use shampoo and water to rejuvenate your bangs. Dry them and you’re good to go!

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10. Use a boar bristle brush for envious shine.

This type of brush has the ability to transfer your natural oils from your scalp to the rest of your hair. Through this process, your hair will be softer and lessens the need for heavy hairstyling products.

11. Use dry shampoo at night.

You’ve noticed your hair is looking a bit greasy, so you spray on some dry shampoo. But by then, isn’t it already too late? Think ahead. By applying dry shampoo before you go to sleep, it will be distributed all throughout your hair. Basically, the product will pick up oil and residue all throughout your hair (not just the roots) while you sleep, and you’ll never be seen in public with greasy hair!


12. Blow dry your hair upside down to reduce frizz.

This reduces frizz because you’re targeting the heat towards less visible hair (your hair underneath.) It’s also great because leaning your head downward helps stimulate blood flow to your scalp.

13. Get instant curls with the help of aluminum foil.

Don’t own a curling iron? Broke yours this morning? No worries. You can curl your hair with aluminum foil and a straightener. Take a big piece of aluminum foil and fold it into one long, skinny rectangle. Bend it in half and lay the “V” of the folded foil at the base of your hair. Weave a section of hair around the foil and then gently take your flat iron and tap down that section of hair. Repeat all the way around your head.

14. Fake those beachy waves.

By scrunching your hair with a little water mixed with sea salt (you can buy a spray or just mix some up at home), your hair will instantly look like you just frolicked out of the ocean. This is perfect for those mornings when you wake up with messy, unmanageable hair and don’t feel like showering.


15. When all else fails; sock bun.

Creating a masterful bun is a tedious and exhausting process. Plus, who has time for that? Purchase a bun doughnut – with this product, styling a bun becomes exponentially easier. First, comb out your hair so it’s manageable. Then loop your hair through the center of the bun maker. Take pieces and tuck them into the bottom. Make sure to have bobby pins nearby so you can quickly secure them in place. Go round and around until the doughnut is no longer visible, and all of your hair has been used. And voila!

Know any other good hair hacks? Share in the comments!

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