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15 Coffee Shops You Should Try In London

15 Coffee Shops You Should Try In London

There’s lots of amazing coffee shops that you can visit when in London. Chances are, if you live in London, you already have some personal favourites. We may not necessarily associate the UK with the best coffee, but London is proving to be an amazing place to enjoy great coffee. 

There’s plenty of chain coffee shops, which provide the perfect cups of coffee wherever you are. They are the perfect choice for those who are looking for a safe and secure coffee place. There are also a lot of independent shops all around London and these are the ones that really shine. You probably have one in your neighbourhood. Local coffee shops can be just as great, if not way better, than the well-known coffee shops that everyone is raving about. Now, get your mugs ready, and let’s see which coffee shops in London you should probably try. 

1. Grind & Co.

Who doesn’t know the Grind in London. It’s kind of a thing nowadays, if you don’t know where to have coffee, if you haven’t found any new brunch places you want to try – you go to the Grind. They always deliver on high quality coffee and food. So you are always going to be satisfied by your visit. 


2. Kaffeine

Kaffeine is an independently owned cafe and espresso bar. They pay great attention to their roasting and brewing, so every cup of coffee is delivered with a lot of care. If you are looking to support some independent coffee shops, this would be a great pick. And generally, it’s something to look out for in Fitzrovia. 


3. SOLinn London

One of the gems of New Cross, SOLinn serves both great coffee and food. The atmosphere is very calming, there is great veggie options, there is always a freshly made cake, which begs you to get a piece. Overall, a very nice place to visit if you are in the area. And even if you are not. 

4. Holy Shot

It’s not here just because of the play on words, Holy Shot know their coffee. They claim to be the best coffee shop in Shoreditch and seeing as Shoreditch is full of coffee shops, this is quite the statement. Definitely worth a visit is you love good coffee and would be interested in pairing it with a nice heathy meal. They have good vegan options here. Welcome to Shoreditch! 


5. Ozone Coffee Roasters UK

Ozone is a popular coffee shop in London. They have a few locations around the city. What started as a small shop in provincial New Zealand is becoming more and more popular. In fact, Ozone aspires to be one of the leading artisan coffee shops in the world, so watch out and go have their coffee. 


6. The Gentlemen Baristas

The Gentlemen Baristas know their coffee. Their most popular location is probably Borough market but you can also find them in Fitzrovia, Southwark, as well as at London Bridge, the O2 Arena. If they are not already your go-to, they might just become your go-to. Aside from making amazing coffee at their coffee shops, they also offer packaged coffee you can take home. 

7. V69 Coffee

What started out as an extension to a cycling shop is now becoming the main event. Cycling and coffee seem to come hand in hand. New coffee shops, which are actually cycle shops are constantly emerging. Or are they cycle shops, which are also coffee shops? Whichever way around you prefer, V69 Coffee is everything you need. If everything you need is a great cup of coffee (maybe paired with a snack) and a bicycle. 


8. Rosslyn

Rosslyn has gained quite a bit of attention when it comes to coffee. It was recommended in the Best Coffee Guide, which for most is probably reason enough to go. This coffee shop is basically the product of friends with a mutual vision. It has a warm and friendly environment.  As the Best Coffee Guide says: “London has a plethora of great places to have coffee. That said, there are many reasons to be excited about Rosslyn’s foray in to the London coffee scene.”  You can never have too much great coffee. 


9. The Coffee Jar

For those residing near Camden Town, this is a must try. Coffee Jar opened in 2013 when the owner Maria quit her finance job and focused instead on baking. The coffee shop is quite small with seats for about ten people, which may or may not be taken by regulars when you visit. Minimal decor and plenty of reclaimed wood. The house beans come from Monmouth, with a changing roster of guest. Come here if you want a coffee made with care and attention to detail. 

10. Gail’s Bakery

Gail’s may be more popular for its baked goods, which are fantastic. My personal favourite is the cinnamon bun. But aside from the amazing food, Gail’s serves some really good coffee. They just know their coffee. Gail’s definitely has a lot of regulars, wherever the location. And that is the best sign you can have – if people keep coming back, then they must be doing something right. 


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11. Old Spike Roastery

Old Spike Roastery take their coffee seriously. They roast and pack high quality coffee, whilst offering meaningful employment to people affected by homelessness. How can you not want to support that. They are a coffee shop with a mission. It’s a must visit not only for the great coffee, but also as a way of supporting their cause. 


12. One And All Cafe

Another coffee shop that goes beyond its supposed purpose. The premise of One and All Cafe is not only good coffee and food but also the aim to help the community thrive by having social inclusion at the heart of what they do. The cafe aims to be inclusive to everyone in the community. That’s why alongside their locally roasted coffee (which they get form Old Spike Roastery), they offer a cup of Yorkshire Tea for £1 and a ‘pay it forward’ scheme, which enables customers to buy a drink at half the normal cost for someone who is less able to afford it.


13. Attendant Cafe

Attendant became popular as the place where you can have coffee/breakfast in an old lavatory. It has since expanded and currently has three locations – Fitzrovia (the original), Clerkenwell and, you guessed it, Shoreditch. The baristas here take their coffee seriously and you are sure to be served a great drink. 

14. Omotesando Koffee

London is the first location in Europe to host this amazing Japanese coffee brand. Omotesando Koffee started as a one-man barista operation in Tokyo back in 2011. Now it’s in London and it is serving some very high quality coffee. This is a coffee shop well worth the visit. 


15. Kiss The Hippo

A local’s favourite, Kiss the Hippo knows what the people want. Serving speciality coffee, this cafe aspires to bring you the ultimate coffee experience. Which is quite the statement, so you should probably go and see for yourself. 


What are your favourite coffee shops in London? Share in the comments. 

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