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12 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

12 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Need some father's day gift ideas? We've got you covered! Check out these simple, yet brilliant, choices for a last minute father's day gift!

No father wants to know that his wants and needs haven’t been properly addressed on the run-up to a day that’s supposed to be all about him, so I’m here to help! If you’re running a little behind, what you’ve got to do is find something that is minimal effort to buy/make on your part, but that looks as though you’ve put a lot of time and thought into it. Seems impossible, but we’ve got this! Let’s dive in and check out these cracking (and often free) father’s day gift ideas:

1. There’s nothing more personal than a letter

You might think that your hand made present days are long behind you, but there’s one gift that will never lose its charm, and that’s a handwritten letter. While you may write substantial cards on special occasions, I’m sure there’s always far more to be said – and if you aren’t used to writing much at all, push the boat out and try something new! Putting thoughts into words and showing someone how much you love and appreciate them will always go down well and it’s a great last minute father’s day gift idea. Your time might cost nothing, but your thoughts and feelings are precious.

2. A meal out

No one wants to cook on a special occasion. If you can afford it, choose a family favorite, or a favorite of your dad’s, and treat him to the meal he deserves. I know most members of my family are far happier when there’s an amazing plate of food in front of them, so this is a simple yet effective gift idea for your dad this father’s day!


3. An experience

This gift idea is one with endless possibilities. From cinema trips to whisky tastings, there are experience gifts to fit every budget and taste! This is a great last minute gift idea for your dad because of the choice and variety, you could stay simple and easy or go wild if inspiration strikes and something perfect springs to mind. Experience gifts are some of the best gifts ever received as they can be shared, doubling, tripling or even quadrupling the fun.

12 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

4. Breakfast in bed

A far less expensive food option, but no less perfect. A happy tummy will put a smile on almost anyone’s face. Have a think about what your dad’s favorite foods are. What does he normally eat for breakfast? Would he eat something else if he had more time? What would he buy if you went to brunch together? It could be as simple and easy as a bacon butty, but the time taken to make it yourself will be greatly appreciated.


5. Shared favorites

Is there something you’ve always done with your dad since you were a child? Something you’ve always done as a family perhaps? Special moments shared with loved ones can be great gift ideas when they are re-created for special occasions. It can be as big or as small as you choose to make it, but it’s a thoughtful and touching gift idea.

6. Family day

Some dads are often bogged down with work or other commitments and aren’t able to find the time they would like to spend enough quality moments with their family. Try to clear your schedules for the day and, even if you don’t plan something specific, spend some time with your dad and show him how much he’s appreciated! You could all go on an outdoor adventure, stay inside and put your phones away for the day or participate in an activity that involves lots of communication and face to face time. The father’s day gift ideas within this broad suggestion are endless.

2 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas


7. No-family day

On the flip side, some dads simply need you to understand that they might want some alone time. That’s not to say that they don’t love you, but figuring out whether they might be in need of a day to themselves to do whatever they want and recuperate is a thoughtful and smart move. Your gift to your dad this father’s day could be as easy as clearing out the house for 24 hours!

8. Free taxi token

This is one of the father’s day gift ideas that will be appreciated the most –  and I promise you it will be used, so don’t offer if you aren’t prepared to commit! I’m sure both of your parents have played the role of free taxi for you before, particularly in your teenage years, so this father’s day why don’t you return the favor? Offer your dad a free taxi token if you’re a driver, allowing him to cash it in whenever he wants (with notice where appropriate). Watch out though, this may end up extending to his mates too.

9. Get a jump on the day’s chores

The last thing your dad want’s to do on father’s day is clean the house, do the dishes, or generally participate in any of the standard chores of everyday life. Give him a boost, and the chance to get up to whatever he wants with no restrictions, by completing all the little tasks he would otherwise have had to do!

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12 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

10. Lend a helping hand

If your parents are anything like mine, you’ll know that pitching in to help with something, especially when you haven’t been asked, is one of the best things you can do. Maybe there’s a special project your dad’s been struggling with and you could lend a hand? Maybe it’s far simpler than that. Whatever you come up with, this last minute father’s day gift idea is bound to be appreciated.


11. Get the dads together

Still need some inspiration for father’s day gift ideas? Look no further. Have a chat with the families of your dad’s friends and see what they have planned! If they are as disorganized as you and are struggling to think of some last minute gift ideas, getting all the dads together isn’t a bad shout. What dad wouldn’t want a free pass to hang out with his mates? Buy in some packs of beer and leave them to it, I’m sure they’ll be extremely grateful once their hangovers have subsided.

12. Get personal

Most of these father’s day gift ideas have been on the personal side, with more emphasis on thought rather than the wallet, and why not?! This is supposed to be a day about giving back and showing appreciation, not simply giving. Get a little more personal and channel the creativity I suggested you show with idea 1. Your days of DIY father’s day gifts are not over yet. Maybe your dad would love a hand made photo album of his most embarrassing moments? It will at least make him laugh that’s for sure.

12 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Which of these last minute father’s day gift ideas did you like best? Let us know in the comments below!

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