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10 Tips To Manage Studying And Life In General

10 Tips To Manage Studying And Life In General


Juggling your studies and life itself is even tougher. It requires a healthy amount of each. A delicate balance. Managing to study and still maintain a reputable social life can also be tough, but taking care of your academic needs, as well as recognizing and making time for stress relief in the form of a social life is just as important. Here are a few tips to manage studying and life in general.

1. Preparation is key

Prepping is the key to success when it comes to your studies. Depending on what kind of person you are and what makes your brain tick, there are many methods that could ensure the information you need to install up there, travels there and stays for as long as you need it to.

2. Intelligible notes

Make sure you gather all of the notes you need for your subject, as long as you have intelligible notes, you’re on the right track ( there’s nothing more useless than relying on last minute notes that are written in some scholars language that makes no logical sense to a panic stricken student.)


3. Hydration levels

One of the tips to manage studying and remain in optimum heath is to stay hydrated. Drink a healthy amount of water per day, juice and other drinks included, but you can’t beat water for all the right reasons. It keeps your skin clear, reduces headaches, invigorates your spirit. There’s nothing better.

4. Don’t isolate your pretty face

As stated in the intro, maintain a healthy balance of study, work and life! Get out of the house, student halls, any confirmed place of residence and remind yourself of what you enjoy doing. We all know how a particularly low mood has the potential to get you down, especially when you’re studying or working and your thoughts seems to stretch into the ‘never-ending’ state of mind. If you put in work, you’ll reap the rewards when the time comes to shine.

5. Timing is of the essence

Timing is literally of the essence when you’re attempting to cram a few nights before a major exam. You kick yourself, thinking back to a few months ago when you considered revising early, but then dismissed the idea, reassuring yourself that you would ‘get it done.’ So, moral of the story…start studying early. Avoid the panic.’


6. Stay connected

Staying connected with friends is a huge factor. Throughout your studying, make sure you stay in contact with good people, the mates that keep you up on the happiness level that you need to be on. Going through exam periods can be very stressful and trying times, you still need that motivation to get through, even if you think you may not.

7. The art of motivation

Let’s see now. This is truly a fine art. First question is- what actually motivates you to roll out of bed each morning (or mid morning/late afternoon)? Find out, and stick it everywhere throughout your day. Give your mind something to look forward to after a long day of revision. You’ll start to feel both accomplished and rewarded at the end of each day.

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8. Routine’s do help!

Setting a routine and implementing it into your daily life can be irritating and exhausting at first, but after a while, when the grunt work pays off and the results begin to show, you’ll be undoubtedly proud of yourself. It’s worth the pain.

9. Eat well

One of the most important methods of successfully managing studying and life is keeping a balanced diet. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean ‘diet’, it simply means you should be giving your body exactly what it needs, and in reasonable quantities; for example, in reference to the previous point- stay hydrated, and keep your food intake healthy and substantial. Healthy body, healthy mind.

10. Don’t pressure yourself

One of the main tips to manage studying is to avoid stress. Don’t be too hard on yourself in terms of pushing yourself to the limit academically, and physically. Know you limits, for example- get enough sleep, rest is crucial. Avoid feeling guilt if your routine doesn’t always go to plan. Be flexible with it, adapt it to whatever life throws at you. You’ll get through it, and you’ll succeed.


Did you find these tips to manage studying and life in general helpful? Let us know in the comments section below!

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