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10 Things To Look Forward To When You’re Having A Tough Time At University

10 Things To Look Forward To When You’re Having A Tough Time At University

When you’re struggling at uni, having something to look forward to can help to get you through the rough times. By putting things into perspective and reminding you that there are better things coming up, looking ahead to these 10 things will offer you some reassurance.

1. Finishing Your Reading

Setting small goals for yourself can help to put things in perspective and make stressful situations feel more manageable. If you’ve got lots of reading that’s getting on top of you then start by setting small targets to stop yourself from feeling overwhelmed. Two chapters per day or a certain number of pages per hour can be a good place to start.

It will also help if you avoid thinking about how much you’ve got left to do and instead look forward to the moment when you finish. Rather than feeling like you have a huge task ahead, you’ll be excited for what comes after and hopefully it will motivate you to get it done.

2. A Coffee Break With Friends 

If you’re feeling trapped in an endless loop of essays, revision and lecture prep, socialising and seeing friends can take last place in your list of priorities. The problem is that when you’re feeling stressed it can actually really help to have a supportive group surrounding you. So set aside times for you and the group to go get some coffee and cake and when you’re really sick of studying look forward to them as a way to motivate yourself.


Even if its a ten minute break, having someone there can really help. You might only venture as far as the library café but it will allow you to return to your work with a fresh mindset.

10 Things To Look Forward To When You’re Having A Tough Time At University

3. Some Time Alone

As much as spending time with friends can be helpful, you don’t want to spread yourself too thin. If you’re feeling too much pressure to spend all your time with other people then it can help to look forward to spending time alone. Whether you want to just watch a movie, paint your nails or even have a nap, when you’re feeling socially exhausted it can help to have alone time in mind.

Amongst a busy schedule you can still leave yourself at least half an hour before bed to wind down by yourself. Even doing your makeup in the morning when you’re sat alone can be something to look forward to and a time to feel peaceful.


4. The End Of A Deadline

Sometimes, one essay can be all that’s on your mind and when you have a month to do it, it can drag on for ages. When you’re spending hours on end in the library with only one focus, looking forward to a time when you no longer have to worry about it can help. Don’t think about how much work it is, just think about how you will feel when it’s done. 

Doing this will help to put things in perspective and realise that this essay is not the end of the world. You can also plan a mini celebration or reward for all of the work that you’ve put in. Maybe get that takeaway you’ve been craving or plan a night out.

10 Things To Look Forward To When You’re Having A Tough Time At University

5. The End Of The Semester

If you’re struggling with stress and homesickness it can often feel like you’ll be away from home for ages and that uni work is taking over your life. While you don’t want to spend all your time wishing that it was over and miss out on university fun, keeping in mind that the semester is only a few months long (and a lot of weeks in the uni calendar are actually taken up with Easter and Christmas holidays) can definitely help.


Having a calendar on your wall so you can keep an end date in mind can be helpful. Maybe plan an end of semester party to reward you and friends for all your hard work.

6. Getting Results

There can be a lot of stress surrounding grades and results so if you can change your mindset to make it a positive thing then it will remove a lot of the stress. Look forward to results as a good thing because you will either be rewarded with good grades for your hard work, or have a chance to get feedback and improve.

Being excited to receive grades can also help when you are writing the essay or revising for the exam, knowing that the more work you put in now the better the feeling will be later on. It will all be worth it in the end.

10 Things To Look Forward To When You’re Having A Tough Time At University


7. Getting Your Student Loan

Money can be a big source of stress for students, especially when you have to juggle bills and a social life. If that’s the case for you, make sure you know when you’re next chunk of student loan is going to drop. Whether that’s marked on a calendar or a notification set up on your phone, it’s a helpful thing to keep in mind.

Even if money isn’t a concern for you, it can still be a good thing to look forward to. With a bit of extra cash you can plan a fun night out or do something to treat yourself.

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8. Doing Some Exercise

Working out might not be everyone’s idea of a good time but it’s a good thing to do if you’re experiencing anxiety or depression. Yoga is a great way to relax but even if going for a walk is your limit, make it a part of your routine and look forward to those times when you get to be active.


Exercise can also be a great way to get out of your room if you’re the type of person to shut yourself away. Getting out and about and making it a regular part of your day will take you out of your room and into the real world every now and then, so look forward to doing it.

10 Things To Look Forward To When You’re Having A Tough Time At University

9. Seeing Family Or Friends From Home

If you are feeling lonely or homesick looking forward to the next time that you get to see friends and family can help you to get through it. Whether you plan a weekend trip home or for someone to come and visit you, keeping it in mind will reassure you when you’re feeling down.

Even if a visit won’t fit into your schedule, a phone call or facetime can often feel just as good. Maybe plan a regular call at the end of every weekend that you can look forward to throughout the week.


10. Graduation

It may seem like a long way away but keeping graduation in mind can help to remind you what you’re doing this all for. The achievement of getting your degree is something that will not only make you proud but also others who care about you. Thinking of a time when you can celebrate with them all can help you in the tough times.

10 Things To Look Forward To When You’re Having A Tough Time At University

Remember that while looking forward to these things can help you through a tough time, if you are really struggling then you shouldn’t keep it to yourself. If you can’t talk to friends of family, there are counsellors and tutors at your university who’s job it is to help you and give advice. Do not be afraid to reach out to them if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Do you have any good tips for dealing with a tough time at uni? Tell us in the comments.

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