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10 Situations Which Require A Good Old Cup Of Tea

10 Situations Which Require A Good Old Cup Of Tea

Can you get through the day without a cup of tea? If the answer is yes, then you can’t be British. We put the kettle on at every possible occasion because, as the saying goes, where there is tea, there is love…

1. Breakfast

This meal definitely requires a cup of tea. If we’re going all out British, then you can’t beat a full English breakfast accompanied by a brew on a leisurely Sunday morning. It’s a truly comforting combo (and a great hangover cure!). But on those rushed weekday mornings, even if there’s no time to eat, a cuppa is essential to ease you into the day ahead – have it on the go in a thermo cup!


2. Post-lunch

To nicely round off this meal, you guessed it, tea is the answer. Treat yourself to a chocolate bar or a few cheeky biscuits to dunk too!

3. Book club/mothers’ meetings

Women love to chat, books or otherwise, and how do they do it for so long? Tea. The process of making, and then drinking it, elongates talk time and keeps chattering mouths from going dry. There’s also a social element to this kind of tea-drinking, offerings of ‘do you need a hand with the tea?’ or ‘I’ve brought the biscuits!’, making the host feel appreciated.


4. Tearooms!

You can’t go to a tearoom and not drink tea, it’s against the rules. Here you have the opportunity to stray from the traditional English breakfast tea and try a more adventurous variation of our nationally treasured hot drink. Order a few scones to soak it up and enjoy the (likely temporary) feeling of British upper-class living.

5. Bad news

If you’re feeling down, for whatever reason, a comforting cup of tea will always take the edge off, even if you drink half and refill it with therapeutic tears! It’s the second-best thing to mum, the ideal scenario being mum making you said comfort tea. Forget comfort eating – with tea there are no regrets, so put that ice cream away!


6. After a hard day’s work

Collapsing through the front door, exhausted from a tough day at the office, the craving for tea has never been more intense. If you can drag yourself to the kettle to actually make it, the feeling of relief when you sink into the sofa, cradling your warm mug, is so worth it.

7. With birthday cake!

This multi-purpose drink is not just for comfort, it’s also fit for celebrations! Pour the tea and slice the cake, was there ever a more perfectly matched pair in the world of food and drink?

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8. As a peace offering

If you’ve had an argument with a loved one and you realise you were probably in the wrong, get that kettle boiling and hand-deliver the peace offering to them – they might just forgive you if you’ve made them the perfect cuppa!

9. Mother’s/Father’s Day

After filling the role of primary tea-maker all year round, these dedicated parent appreciation days are the ideal time to reverse the roles and present them with their perfectly made cup of tea (before they ask for it!).


10. When you’ve been deprived!

Sometimes, for whatever reason, our tea supply is unfortunately cut off, and so when it returns, we´re filled with the utmost excitement. We feel whole again, as if we’d been missing a tiny part of ourselves – the part that warms our heart like no person can.

When’s your favourite time to settle down with a cup of tea? And what´s your ultimate edible accompaniment? Time to spill the tea!

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