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10 Refreshing Ice Lolly Recipes

10 Refreshing Ice Lolly Recipes

Summer might be ending, but the season for ice lollies is all year round! Ice lollies are one of those foods that bring me back to my childhood without fail whenever I have one. And because of that I have no worries chomping down on them come snow or rain.

Over the years I’ve spent some time experimenting in the kitchen with this and that, figuring out the best ice lolly recipes I can come up with. Some are chock full of fruity delights, other are smooth and sweet. Some are tangy with yoghurt and lime, and others are just…well, plain crazy food fantasies. Here I present to you some of the best recipes I have found and/or tried out that hearken back to that sweet moment in my life where I could finish a popsicle in two bites.

Take all the sensations and memories of summer with you in the form of an delicious sweet block of ice with these 10 refreshing ice lolly recipes.

1. Strawberry Yoghurt

I think what I was thinking when I first tried making this was, “yoghurt and strawberries go so well together for breakfast! …what if it was an ice lolly?” And that was it.

Out of all the summer berries, strawberries are actually the ones that I find to be the mildest, especially when compared to the cutting sharpness of raspberries and the overwhelming sweetness of blueberries. Strawberries are fresh and breezy tasting. To really bring the most out of them, a nice tangy yoghurt is a good place to start

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10 Refreshing Ice Lolly Recipes

2. Raspberry Tea

When I first found this recipe, I was hooked. It’s light, fragrant and blossoming with floral flavours with a refreshing aftertaste of raspberry tea. The flavour is so slight, it becomes tantalising and addictive. You might find yourself eating the whole batch before you know it!.

Another thing you can try to really twist this recipe, is making them into ice cubes and adding them to your water. It makes the perfect little water detox mix.

Click here for BBC Good Food’s recipe

10 Refreshing Ice Lolly Recipes

3. Cider and Blackberry

No popsicle-related list would be complete without mention of frozen alcohol. If you haven’t tried freezing alcohol into ice lollies, can you really call yourself an ice lolly lover?

Cider and blackberry puts a new twist on the classic pairing of apple and blackberry. With the tangy ferment flavour of apple cider paired with the sharp wintery flavour of blackberry, this is an ice lolly that you can enjoy no matter what season it is.

Click here for BBC Good Food’s recipe

10 Refreshing Ice Lolly Recipes

4. Mint

You might be thinking, just mint? Is that even an ice lolly flavour. Yes. Yes it is.

It might seem bland and uninteresting, but mint is the herb that just keeps on giving. Mint has many different uses from flavour to health. It’s a cooling, breath refreshing, stomach settling, and tongue tingling little leaf that make for a great lolly. And boiling it with sugar until the flavours combine makes for the most satisfying midday treat.

For an extra hint of earthy and bitter flavour, try using soft brown sugar instead of white.

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10 Refreshing Ice Lolly Recipes

5. Banana and Greek Yoghurt

Did anyone else freeze their Frubes when they were little and have them when they got home in the summer?

Another breakfast inspired treat that works just as well in an icy popsicle form. Ice lolly recipes that are made from yoghurt have the benefit of being both dense and filling, while also being satisfying and refreshing at the same time- which is why it’s such a popular icy choice.

Here, sweet and creamy banana is paired with the tangy organic taste of Greek yoghurt. With a drizzle of honey, you have one of the most authentic Greek desserts transformed into a delectable sweet treat, both for the young and young at heart.

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10 Refreshing Ice Lolly Recipes

6. Green Tea and Coconut

Matcha is such a wholesome and versatile flavour. I’ve played around with it in lots of different ways. In cupcakes, smoothies, coffees, mousses and even more. Green tea popsicles are one of the smoothest and most refreshing things I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying. And paired with sweet coconut milk really brings out the grassy flavour of the tea.

For an extra Japanese inspired kick, see if you can get your hands on some red beans and sprinkle a few in the mix.

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10 Refreshing Ice Lolly Recipes

7. Lemon and Lime

What can beat the classic combo of lemon and lime? Sometimes all you need to end your day (or start your day, I won’t judge) is a little zingy palate cleanser.

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Out of all the lemon-lime ice lolly recipes I’ve found on the internet, Laura’s cheeky recipe is my favourite by far. She combines lemons and limes (skin on!) with spinach and pineapple for extra health and a lovely mint green colour at the end. They’re beautiful to look at and taste even better.

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10 Refreshing Ice Lolly Recipes

8. Avocado and Chocolate

I find chocolate to be a really hard flavour to work with in ice form. As ice cream, sure, it works a charm. But as an ice lolly, its hard to get the rich chocolatey flavour to really behave well with the ice. The answer to my problem? Use avocado to cream up the mixture!

The avocado here works as eggs do in a cake batter. It’s a binding agent. Does it add flavour? No. Does it add a delicious creamy texture? Absolutely.

Check out Mandy’s wonderous recipe on Sneaky Veg here

10 Refreshing Ice Lolly Recipes

9. Orange and Mango

Citrus with a creamy sweet twist. There are very few fruit that I believe to be better than mango. It really just has it all. The texture, the flavour and even the hot growing climate. Every time I eat one it’s as if I’ve been transported to a tropical paradise.

Orange and mango is a combination that I can get behind. In Madeline’s recipe, she uses Savse Super Orange juice as the base of her smoothie. I wanted to see what it would be like to use blood orange instead, and made a mess of my kitchen trying to juice them. But if you get that far, its really give a strong flavour and a deeper colour to the ice lolly.

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10 Refreshing Ice Lolly Recipes

10. White Sangria

Sangria? Yes please. In ice lolly form? Even better! ‘Grown up’ ice lollies come close to being one of my favourite things to make. And sangria, being one of my favourite summer drinks, makes this recipe a match made in heaven.

White sangria is lighter and fresher, in comparison to the deep and rich flavour that you get in red wine. Partnered with orange liquor makes for a very tasty treat.

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10 Refreshing Ice Lolly Recipes

What are some of your favourite ice lolly recipes? Let me know in the comments!

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