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10 Recipes Every Uni Student Should Know

10 Recipes Every Uni Student Should Know

Most uni students aren’t destined to be the next Top Chef. However, knowing how to cook will get you a long way during your time at university…and beyond. Instead of spending money on eating out, have a repertoire of meals you can prepare for yourself with ease. These 10 uni recipes are simple, manageable and absolutely delicious; perfect for every student to have in their arsenal. Learn them before holiday is over, then totally wow your friends (and family) this year.

1. Spaghetti & Meatballs

The perfect comfort meal…for those nights when you’re really missing a home-cooked meal. Here‘s a super simple recipe!


2. Roasted Broccoli

Because vegetables are necessary for every uni student. Plus, this recipe is delicious AND nutritious.




3. The Best Cheese Toastie EVER

Okay, not like it’s fair to rank, but c’mon.

4. Pesto

You know…for pasta, sandwiches, chicken, to lick right off the spoon



5. Cucumber Salad

The most refreshing salad to ever grace your palette. Just cut up some cukes, tomatoes, onions and whatever else your heart desires and toss it together with some oil and vinegar!


6. Easy Mac & Cheese

The epitome of uni recipes; and it can do no wrong.


7. Caprese Sandwich

Who knew such a simple lunch could be so darn delicious. Mozzarella, tomato and basil = perfection.


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8. Yogurt Parfait

For those on-the-go mornings. Just layer your favourite yoghurt, fruit and granola.


9. Avocado Toast

Do it for the Insta. (And the directions are pretty self explanatory.)



10. Fruit Smoothie

Breakfast, post-workout snack, dessert, late-night-hunger-pain-killer; smoothies are perfect all day, every day.

Love all of these uni recipes!


These uni recipes have a lot of opportunity to improvise, so figure out what works best for your cooking skill, budget, and most importantly, your taste buds!

What other uni recipes do you think every university student should know?? Share in the comments!

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