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10 Eyeshadow Trends That Are NOT Your Typical Smokey Eye

10 Eyeshadow Trends That Are NOT Your Typical Smokey Eye

Here are a few eyeshadow trends if you are sick of your classic smokey eye. Find out which colours will make your eyes pop.

Now that summer is here, you might be tempted to be more adventurous with your makeup. Specifically, your eyeshadow! The right makeup on your eyes can really make your eye colour pop or give you a dramatic look that makes you stand out on a night out. Playing with a new eyeshadow trends can be really fun and help you to figure out what looks best on your face.

And, it doesn’t just have to be a typical smokey eye; there are so many options out there so find the right one for you and get wild with your eye make up! In case you’re in need of any ideas, here are a few trends for you to try!


Yes, it’s bright but the right shade of lemon can look really cool – just ask Kim K! Yellow eyeshadow trends are, actually a good look for everyone. We all have yellow undertones in our skin and so, it actually might look better than you think. Don’t be afraid to try it!



Silver eyeshadow can be a truly futuristic, stand-out look or it can be done more subtly. You might also decide to combine it with a smokey eye and ease into the silver trend. Silver looks best with green or brown eyes!



Underliner means lining your bottom eyelid instead of the top. Go as thick or thin as you like with your line and go for colour or classic black. It can be tricky to really get the hang of but can look really cool if you are able to pull it off. Underliner can help to give your eyes more depth and will make you look a lot more edgy. It can look really cool if you use bright eyeshadow trends to underline your bottom lid.


This Instagram trend is still going strong. Bright colours make the rest of your face light up and are really fun to play and practice with. There are a bunch of YouTube tutorials out there that explain exactly how to recreate this look and, surprisingly, they are easy to do. If you want a few more likes on Insta than usual, this is one of the eyeshadow trends that are definitely for you!


Pale eyeshadow colours are great if you feel like a more natural daytime look, or want to pair it with a bolder lip colour. The trick is to finding a natural shade that looks good against your skin tone but pale colours do look best on paler skin. Violet or pale pinks are really cute.



Solid gold baby! Gold is a great eyeshadow look for the summer and looks great with a tan at golden hour! Pair it with some highlighter and a little darker gold in your crease and you’re ready to go!


Shimmer eyeshadow is again more subtle but really, really pretty. You might even decide to use some of your regular highlighter on your eyelids paired with a bit of mascara for a dreamy, dewy look.

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Brown eyes listen up, blue eyeshadow is your friend! You might love it or hate it but blue look is a great way to spice up your going out look and is already a favourite of models like Emily Ratajkowski or Lupita Nyong’o! Go pale blue or neon blue for a trend that is sure to turn heads wherever you go!


Similar to blue eyeshadow, purple is great on blue or green eyes. Why not change up your regular smoky eye with a purple hue instead for a look that is intense and mysterious?



Green eyeshadow is one of the eyeshadow trends which is the epitome of edgy and experimental and a bunch of celebrities are already on the green eyeshadow bandwagon! Go for a shimmery green, emerald or a classic smokey eye with different shades of green!

Do you like wearing eyeshadow? What’s your favourite eyeshadow trends? Are you more of a bold type of gal or do you prefer something more natural and shimmery? Let us know in the comments below!

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