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10 Cheap Restaurants Near UL

10 Cheap Restaurants Near UL


In college, not having to cook beats cooking every time. But it can become pretty boring sitting in your room eating Chinese takeout two times a week. Eating out can seem too expensive for your student budget, So, here are 10 cheap restaurants near UL that won’t leave you feeling guilty.

1. Lana

In my opinion one of the main selling points of Lana in Castletroy is the free ice cream cone that comes with every meal, as well as fulfilling your childhood dream, of being able to pull an ice cream cone yourself, from a machine right in the restaurant. The Asian style food is amazing, price is reasonable and the cheerful, upbeat atmosphere is next to none.



2. Marco Polo

Everyone in Limerick knows this restaurant, conveniently located in the middle of the city on O’Connell Street. For just €15 you can get a two course lunch and a free drink. The price is so worth it not just because of the amazing food, but also the elegant plush décor, that will make you feel so much more successful than a college student who eats Lidil noodles two times a week.




3. Chicken Hut

If you’re looking for somewhere very cheap and fast chicken hut is your best bet. Located centrally in O’Connell Street it’s a restaurant that everyone knows, especially after a night out and their gravy is rave worthy.

4. Papaz

If you’re looking for pizza that will transport you to Italy look no further than this Italian restaurant on Denmark Street. With everything on the menu under €14.95 it won’t break the bank and the bright interior with mock wooden tables is sure to cheer you up after a long day of studying.

5. Chocolat

Chocolat has a really luxurious interior and does the same €15 deal as Marco Polo. The staff are very nice and friendly, which only adds to the comfortable atmosphere and the food is also really nice, with plenty to choose from. In the centre of the city on O’Connell Street, it’s a great spot to go after a long day in the library.


6. Taikichi

If you’re looking for a break from all the Italian and Chinese that you’ve been consuming lately, this Japanese restaurant on O’Connell Street is perfect for you. You couldn’t afford to eat out here all the time as a student but it’s nice for a change and the dishes are reasonably priced too with main dishes being around €13.

7. La Cucina

Its Italian owners describe the restaurant as, “a little piece of authentic Italy in Limerick.” Situated within walking distance from the college, it’s €12 for a main and a glass of wine at this Castletroy restaurant. An added bonus: if you like their pasta you can buy their sauces to recreate at home. It has a really nice atmosphere and the staff are always friendly!

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8. Chung’s Cuisine

This Chinese in the Castletroy area, near Plassey, is just a 10 minute walk from the college. The food is to die for with really good student deals, you get a main course with rice or chips and a can of drink for €8.

9. Bobby Byrnes

Located on the corner of O’Connell’s avenue, it’s a great place for bar food, with its traditional and cosy atmosphere. Bobby’s does a great pub carvery and it’s a great place to go if you’re feeling a little homesick and want a roast like your mammy cooks!



10. Texas Steakhouse

Texas steak out has a great location on O’Connell Street and is usually very popular with a long queue so usually best to book a table. The restaurant has a Texas sort of western theme from the music they play to the interior which builds to a great atmosphere, helped by the fact that the staff are really friendly. The food is fab and they have a huge selection including several Mexican dishes.


Which one of these ten cheap restaurants near UL will you be stopping at? Comment below!
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