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10 Burger Restaurants You Need To Visit In Glasgow

10 Burger Restaurants You Need To Visit In Glasgow

Everyone wants a burger after a long day of travelling, shopping, and exploring the city. Thankfully, Glasgow is not short on places to find a tasty burger. Here are ten burger restaurants you need to visit in Glasgow.

1. Steak, Cattle and Roll

This place definitely wins the award for the most creative restaurant name in Glasgow. Their tagline is Glasgow bred, American fed – and with locations in both Sauchiehall Street and Merchant Square, you definitely will not go hungry. Steak, Cattle and Roll has a wide variety of burgers including a Mac & Cheese burger, as well as some delicious steaks from the local butcher. The Merchant Square venue is the place to be for sports fans, as there are large television screens which stream live sports. Despite being a burger joint, Steak, Cattle and Roll is known for its vegan/vegetarian menu – so there really is something for everyone!

10 Burger Restaurants You Need To Visit In Glasgow


2. Smashburger

At the other end of Sauchiehall Street, you will find Smashburger. If you want a classic American-style diner with traditional but tasty burgers, then this is the place for you. With 370 locations worldwide, you can trust that the food at Smashburger must be good. There is also a wide variety of beers to drink alongside your burger. What could be better? 

3. Bread Meats Bread

You can find Bread Meats Bread in two different locations in Glasgow – so you’ll never be struggling for somewhere to eat! At Bread Meats Bread, burgers are split into two categories: black label and red label. The black label menu includes classics like bacon cheeseburgers, and more original variations such as pastrami and blue cheese. Over on the red label menu, the spicy ‘Nduja infused pepperoni and Caribbean burgers will add some flavour to your meal. With gluten free and Halal options available, this really is a restaurant for all.

10 Burger Restaurants You Need To Visit In Glasgow


4. BRGR 

Located in Great Western Road, the city centre, Giffnock, and Edinburgh, BRGR is a great choice for a burger if you are in the area. There is a lot of choice on the menu, which is separated into beef, chicken, and veggie options. There are haggis beef burgers, katsu chicken burgers, halloumi burgers – and they are all delicious! A great highlight of BRGR is that they are on most of the delivery apps, so you can have a burger arrive at your door whenever you need one!

5. Dennistoun Bar B Que

Being away from the city centre does not mean you have to miss out on a delicious burgers thanks to Dennistoun Bar B Que. This family owned restaurant sits in the heart of the Dennistoun area, and has an open kitchen with counter service where you can enjoy your delicious burger. The burgers are handmade, the bread is artisan, and the meat is smoked in-house at the restaurant. There are also some tasty “meatless” options which replicate the look and feel of the meat burgers without the meat!

10 Burger Restaurants You Need To Visit In Glasgow


6. Juicy Lucy’s Burger Company

Juicy Lucy’s boasts that they “bring the American Burger Experience to you” – and they are not wrong! From their location at the Glasgow Cross, you can eat in or takeaway. There are steak burgers, chicken burgers, vegetarian burgers, and even Halal burgers! They also serve other classic American food such as corn dogs and mac’n’cheese bites. A big highlight from Juicy Lucy’s is their range of milkshakes, which can be made with alcohol! It is an exciting place to go for a meal.

10 Burger Restaurants You Need To Visit In Glasgow

7. Buddy’s BBQ & Burgers

If you head to Pollockshaws Road, you will find Glasgow’s original BBQ burger restaurant. With sit-in or takeaway menus, you can enjoy a Buddy’s burger when and where it suits you. With variations such as The Pit Burger which comes topped with 18 hour slow-smoked brisket, or the Piri Piri burger made with Buddy’s own Piri Piri sauce, or the vegan Black Bean Burger, there is a burger for everyone. You can also pick up some delicious poutine or treat yourself to an ice cream sundae or a milkshake. You cannot go wrong with Buddy’s BBQ.

8. Ad Lib

Just outside Glasgow Central Station, you will find Ad Lib, a restaurant which has served Glasgow for over four decades. The restaurant has a classic Victorian restaurant feel, mixed in with picnic style tables and stools. Ad Lib has long been known for their gourmet burgers, served on a Challah bun with romaine lettuce. As well as burgers, Ad Lib also serves delicious tacos, fajitas, and steaks, as well as a range of cocktails and beers. If you have just arrived in Glasgow after a long train ride, this is the restaurant to visit for a relaxing and enjoyable dinner.

10 Burger Restaurants You Need To Visit In Glasgow

9. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Gourmet Burger Kitchen may have 60 locations across the UK, but that does not make them any less special within the Glasgow burger scene. With a recently updated menu including beef, chicken, and even lamb burgers, GBK is worth a visit. GBK also encourage you to customise your burgers with their “swap & top”options including pineapple, avocado, and jalapenos. Grab yourself a side of their delicious sweet potato or truffle cheese fries, or order a cocktail cooler to complement your meal. If you are gluten free, there is a fantastic menu just for you. GBK is truly a gourmet experience.

10. The Butchershop Bar & Grill

The classiest burger shop in Glasgow, this West End restaurant has been said to have the best steak in Scotland. All their beef is Scottish grass fed and comes from local sources. The Butchershop boasts beef that is reared on natural foods and without any synthetic additives during the animal’s life. Stop by for Tomahawk Thursdays for a 1.2kg tomahawk steak or Burger vs Steak Frites Tuesday where you can mix and match between Butchershop burgers or dry rump steaks. You can also drop in during the Christmas period and enjoy their festive menu!

Will you visit any of these burger shops? Which one is your favourite? Tell us in the comments!

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