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10 British Fashion Bloggers You Need To Follow

10 British Fashion Bloggers You Need To Follow

In case you haven’t heard, bloggers are taking over the world- from our Instagram feeds to the fashion industry. They’re the girls in the front row of NYFW shows, the photographers of a perfectly positioned latte and Chloe handbag, and even the faces on the cover of Vogue. Each fashion blogger’s aesthetic speaks through their writing, photos, and style, and this crop of upcoming British fashion bloggers are no different. Some will make you want to put on a cashmere scarf and trench coat, while others will leave you lusting after silver hair dye and a neon bomber jacket. If your wardrobe is feeling a bit dull, look no further than these stylish Brits for inspiration!

1. Freddie Harrel

Freddie is the inspirational, uplifting BFF we all need in life. Born a Parisian, Freddie moved to London five years ago and has certainly made her mark on the British fashion blogging scene. A strong preacher of feminism and self love, Freddie’s blog will leave you emotionally enriched while wanting to revamp your wardrobe. If you’re in London, be sure to book a spot at her workshop, She Unleashed, where Freddie shares her confidence journey and how to use fashion as a positive outlet to express yourself.



2. Carrie Harwood

If you love the journaling aspect of fashion blogs, Carrie Harwood is your girl. Her conversational tone comes across effortlessly in her writing as it genuinely feels as if your chatting with one of your friends over lattes about what they’re wearing and what they’ve been up to. A well traveled lady, Carrie has city guides to places all over the world. If it wasn’t on your bucket list prior to reading her blog, it will be after!


3. Zoe London

A DJ from North London, Zoe is the epitome of cool. The queen of all hair colours, Zoe’s grungy style is admirable and totally lust worthy. Zoe has an active YouTube account where she posts a few videos a week ranging from tutorials, lookbooks, and hauls showcasing her lovable personality.



4. Rosie the Londoner

Owner of the cutest dog on Instagram, Custard, Rosie embodies classic British fashion charm. A foodie, fashionista, and traveler; Rosie’s blog will make you want to brew a cup of tea and read every post. Although her feminine style is the star of her blog, Rosie’s recipes steal the scene regularly. She even has an online shopping section, which makes you feel like your browsing right there with her. Beware, her flawless, everyday blown-out hair will give you serious envy.



5. The Frugality

Alexandra Stedman is a freelance fashion stylist and art director in London. Her blog name, The Frugality, steams from the word ‘frugal,’ which is the main aim of her brand. Alexandra prides herself on being an employed woman in a big city who enjoys luxuries on a working budget. Don’t let her economical pledges fool you, Alexandra and her style are nothing short of fabulous. Also, The Frugality Instagram feed is one to strive for.

6. A Girl A Style

Beauty and brains, Briony is not only a British fashion blogger, but a senior political advisor at Westminster in London. This [orginially] Australian’s genuine spirit comes across in her writing in every post. It’s safe to say that with her girly style, Briony is the kindhearted, relatable Blair Waldorf of the UK. Some of her favourite blog posts include ‘Weekends at the Countryside Estate,’ ‘Summertime Pursuits,’ and ’10 Ways to Find Balance in Your Life.’ We’re defiantly bookmarking all of those!

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7. Coco’s Tea Party

The fashionable lady behind Coco’s Tea Party is Ella Gregory, a graduate from the University for the Creative Arts, with a degree in Fashion Journalism. Not only a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog; Ella includes posts on various careers in the fashion industry, where she gives you professional tips and interviews different women in the workplace. If you’re a student interested in being a vital part of the fashion world, Ella Gregory just might be your new internet BFF.

8. Peony Lim

I would believe absolutely anything Peony would ever say about fashion, no matter how crazy. As an Art History graduate from London University of Arts, Peony definitely has the credentials to blog about style. With an impeccable eye for all things chic, her blog is a true oasis for any fashion lover. Peony’s elegance shines through her English/Chinese heritage as a cultured blogger. The perfect host, Peony’s themed recipes have us wanting to plan a party!



9. I Want You to Know

Kristabel, aka IWYTK, is the true definition on a lifestyle blogger. With serious posts regarding comparison to others, to lighthearted posts where she admits to having a problem buying too many sweatshirts; Kristabel’s blog covers it all. Born and raised in London, she proves her knowledge of the arts the city has to offer with posts about various exhibitions throughout the UK. Kristabel also has a YouTube channel where she vlogs her travels, and gets to know her audience better through Q&As.

10. Camille Over the Rainbow

If we had to describe Camille Charriere in one word, it would be sophisticated. Camille has had jobs with prestigious brands in the fashion industry before she turned to blogging full time; and we’re glad she made the switch. Camille prides herself in mixing emerging and luxury fashion to create looks that are total it-girl worthy. With a specific theme in mind, Camille’s mood board featured on her blog is eye candy for any luxe fashion lover.

Who are some other great fashion bloggers to follow? Share in the comments!

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