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10 UIUC Snack Places At To Get Food During Finals

10 UIUC Snack Places At To Get Food During Finals

UIUC finals week is long: long hours, long days, long breaks. One thing that’s important about finals week is the food. Here are the best UIUC places to grab food when you are studying for finals week.

UIUC finals week is long: long hours, long days, long breaks. One thing that’s important about finals week is the food. After all, food is the oil to the gears in your head! So, what are some good spots to eat while on break from studying? Here are 10 places to grab a quick snack starting with the “quick bite” places to more “treat yo self” places (because after all the long, hard hours of studying, we all deserve to treat ourselves to a good meal).

1. Quick and Healthy (24-hour) Subway on Green Street

Looking for something quick to eat but still want to be healthy about your choices makes Subway a great place to grab a bite during finals week! Veggie options, toasted sandwiches, personal mini pizzas. The best part is that this Subway on Green Street is open 24/7! So, no matter what time you crave a good, healthy bite, Subway is there to provide. This is a popular spot to go at UIUC finals week.

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2. The Good-Ol’ Merry Ann’s Diner (24-hour)

Merry Ann’s has been the go-to, 24-hour diner for college students since… A very long time. They have great burgers, great breakfast dishes (at any time!), and, the best part, ~$1 coffee to get your energy back up and ready to go back to studying hard! There are three locations: one on campus, the original, and one in downtown Champaign. Everyone at UIUC loves this place!

3. Burger Stop at McDonald’s (24-hour)

McDonald’s is quick, open 24/7, and has many great deals! There is the Pick 2 for $5 menu currently running with choices like the famous Big Mac, Sausage-Egg-&-Cheese McGriddle, Filet-O-Fish sandwich, and 10pc McNuggets.

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4. Freaky Fast Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s freaky fast delivery makes this the best place to order from online. Whether you be at your dorm, apartment, or studying at one of the campus’s awesome libraries, Jimmy John’s got your back with a good, hand-made sandwich done quick and savory and delivered anywhere that you are. They’re open until 3am and have various locations all around campus.

5. Hut break at Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut always has great deals happening online. You can go to their place on Green Street and eat there, get delivery, or order for pick-up. It’s good pizza at good deals on a terrible week. A little sunshine in the mad-hours of finals week.

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6. Slurp a Noodle at Noodles & Co

Noodles & Co has a wide variety of healthy and filling dishes at a little more fancier setting. They have choices ranging from gluten-free dishes to under 500 cal dishes. Their healthy yet delicious food is a good eat to enjoy. Choose your food, sit down, enjoy a break before returning to the madness study haze.

7. Warm Meal at Panera Bread

Grab a snack and keep studying at Panera. Not only do they have great, warm food and delicious desserts, but Panera is a great spot to sit down, eat, AND study at the same time. For many students looking for a bite to eat and change of scenery from the library or the four walls of their living quarters, this is a great place to go to. Thank you, Panera, for providing good Wi-Fi, a good atmosphere, and good food.

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8. Great Mix at Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle is a great place to get something to eat quick and a good view to eat in their second-floor dining area. The second-floor, usually quiet, makes for a great and peaceful place to take a break and eat and relax a little during finals week. I mean, what’s UIUC without Chipotle binges?

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9.Savory Bite at Maize

Maize, while a small place, is always packed with people for their great, savory, and quick food. Unfortunately, they do not deliver BUT you can order for pick-up and it will be all done in a jiffy. They have some of the best tacos, burritos, and tortas in all of Green Street and their horchata is heavenly. With their savory and quickness of making the food, this is a great place to grab a bite from on finals week. Also always be on the lookout for special deal days that they have.

10.Roll into Sushi Rock Restaurant

Sit down and be served, you deserve it. Sushi Rock is a great middle ground between Sushi Ichiban and Sakanaya. Great prices, great food, and great service. It’s a great place to stop by and get something to eat at a good price and they also do take-out, delivery, and pick-up. It’s a nice, cozy spot to go to and eat while continuing to read that CHEM book for finals that you may or may not have procrastinated on all semester long. You will definitely see kids from UIUC studying about here.

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