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UGA Freshman Move In: Tips And Everything You Need To Know

UGA Freshman Move In: Tips And Everything You Need To Know

Take a look at these helpful UGA freshman move in tips for heading back to campus this fall 2018! Start being a Georgia Bull Dawg with an easy move-in!

Summer is winding down and its time to for college move-in day! You’re going to be a freshman at the best college ever! I’m sure you’re super excited and low-key stressed out dorm shopping and getting everything together. Relax, I’m a fellow Dawg here who’s been through it, and I’m here to help you. Here are a few things that you need to know, as well as some UGA freshman move in tips.

It’s going to be a little wild.

Not only are you moving in, but so are hundreds of other people along with you. You’re going to be seeing a whole bunch of bins moving around and all of kinds of dorm decor and what not. There will probably be lines to get keys and lines to get on the elevators, so be mindful. P.S. accurate representation of my parents and I on move-in day.

Check out these UGA freshman move in tips!

It’s going to be hot.

Remember that you’re moving in smack dab in the middle of summer, so it’s going to be burning up outside. You will sweat, you will want to lay down in the middle of the floor. You are going to be tired, but you will get through it. So, dress lightly and wear comfortable shoes. Throw that hair in a pony tail, put on a baseball cap and get to work. Oh, and don’t forget to hydrate ūüėČ

Check out these UGA freshman move in tips!

It’s going to be nerve-wracking.

You are going to feel like you are forgetting something. Something as small as a hammer or screwdriver for building that shelf for your TV, but not to worry. There is a Target not far from campus for all your last minute needs.

Check out these UGA freshman move in tips!

It’s going to be emotional.

The feels are going to kick in one day or another. You’re moving away from home to a new place. A place that’s actually huge, compare to what you may know. I cried like a baby, so it’s normal if you cry a little bit, but¬†chin up, kiddo. You’re a Georgia bull dawg baby! This is one of the true¬†UGA freshman move in tips to remember to keep calm, cool and collected.

Check out these UGA freshman move in tips!

Be on time for your move-in appointment.

Remember that you are going to be moving in with a whole bunch of other people, so you need to make sure that you are on time. This will not only make move in a bit smoother for your family, but for other families as well. Help out your fellow UGA fam.

Check out these UGA freshman move in tips!

If possible, pack containers of things, instead of individually.

One of the best decisions I could have made when moving into my sophomore dorm was packing everything in containers. It can be stressful when you have to make multiple trips to the car to grab stuff. Especially if you’re in the Hill Community where there are NO elevators. Get those large storage containers, so that you can stuff everything in there and make move in less of a hassle.¬†Check out these UGA freshman move in tips!

Don’t try to pack everything.

Remember when I told you that there is a target not too far away? Yeah, I meant that. So, don’t worry about packing everything in the car. Maybe pack some of the furniture pieces, like futons, papasans, etc, containers for toiletries, etc. This is one of the most important¬†UGA freshman move in tips!

Check out these UGA freshman move in tips!

Grab a hold of a moving bin if possible!

If your dorm has moving bins available (the big black ones), then GRAB it and hold onto it with your life. That will ease the pain of frequent trips back to the car, because you can fill it to the brim with all your stuff.

Check out these UGA freshman move in tips!

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Consider not moving in the same day as your roommate.

Imagine having all your stuff EVERYWHERE (no, trust me, your room will look a hot mess for a minute). And then, your roommate comes in with all their stuff. And then their stuff is EVERYWHERE. Mind you, these dorm rooms aren’t big. They can be little tiny boxes. So, move in on separate days, so that you can have the room for the day, where you and you family can hash out different things, as well as your roommate and their family.

Check out these UGA freshman move in tips!

Keep constant communication with your roommate.

This is just to prevent issues of move-in. If your roommate is there before you or vice versa, then they have first view of the room. In that case, start swishing ideas around about what side of the room you’ll be situated on, whether you’re lofting your bed or not, etc. That way, when you move in, you already have an idea of the sitch, rather than it¬†all being brand new.¬†p.s. You can look at the dorms previous to moving in on the UGA Housing website¬†.¬†

Check out these UGA freshman move in tips!

If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask!

People who work for UGA Housing have to report back to campus earlier than students for THIS reason! To be there for you! Not only that, but these aren’t random people. They are kids who’ll be living in the same dorm as you, so you’ll be seeing them quite frequently. So, if you need help lofting your bed, then why not ask the experts! And don’t be afraid to ask fellow dorm-mates. Not only does this help you get the job done, but you are cultivating relationships early on.

Check out these UGA freshman move in tips!

Have fun!

Remember that you are going to move in as a freshman once, so have fun and take lots of pictures. These years are going to fly by! Before you know it, it’ll be time to move out. ūüôā Remember,¬†UGA freshman move in should be so exciting too!

Check out these UGA freshman move in tips!

Which of these UGA freshman move in are you going to follow? Let us know in the comments.

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