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What UF Sorority Women Want You To Know Before Recruitment This Fall

What UF Sorority Women Want You To Know Before Recruitment This Fall

Overwhelmed by the thought of recruitment? Here's some advice from UF sorority women on what you should know going into the crazy week.

It’s recruitment season and in just a few short weeks, hundreds of you will be walking through the doors of 18 sororities at the University of Florida. I’m sure most of you are freaking out about hair, outfits and makeup. No worries. Numerous Panhellenic women have come together to compile a list of tips to help you future chapter women throughout the recruitment process. These are the things sorority women want you to know before UF sorority recruitment.

1.) The Less You Know, The Better Off You’ll Be

I know it’s tempting to try and figure out anything and everything about each sorority on campus, the dos and don’ts, but you’re better off knowing as little as possible. If you walk into a house with your mind made up already, it could ruin the chances of you finding your home.

Some might argue that if you want to get into a particular sorority, you should know everything about them and present yourself that way. Going about it this way will make your experience less genuine. You also run the risk of attaching yourself, and things may not end up going the way you planned. So just go with the flow.


2.) Don’t “Tent Talk”

This is a term you’ll learn from your recruitment counselor, but essentially it means to avoid gossip. Don’t spread rumors about a particular chapter with another potential new member. This could affect how they feel about the house and ultimately change where they want their home to be. It’ll be hard . . . trust me. But you have to resist the urge to share your experiences or gossip with other PNMs.

3.) Go In With An Open Mind

Personally, I believe this point is the most important. If you walk into a chapter house with a pre-conceived notion, you will not be able to see the full potential of what that house has to offer.

Again, I know it’s tempting to listen to your peers about the reputations and stereotypes of each house. I did not know a single thing about Greek life when I was going through recruitment, which made me vulnerable to outside information. Unfortunately, listening to what other PNMs said dictated what I felt for specific houses.


4.) If You Have Doubts, Talk To Your Recruitment Counselor

Recruitment counselors are these amazing undercover chapter women that will help you ladies throughout the recruitment process. They are there to talk with you and answer any questions they can. You have doubts? Outfit questions? You need help finding your next party with a UF sorority? Talk with your recruitment counselor.

And don’t be afraid to ask or talk to a counselor who’s not assigned to your group. Any of them will gladly help you.

5.) Chapter Women Are People Too

The experience can be a little scary but just remember that every woman in every chapter started in the same position you are. Don’t be afraid to have a good conversation with every chapter woman you meet. They might be just as nervous as you are.

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6.) Don’t Compare Your Experiences Or Rounds To Others

This is so important. Just because you had a strange round at Sigma Carrot Delta doesn’t mean that Susan sitting next to you had the same experience. Don’t compare your experiences to other PNMs. Maybe that house isn’t for you. Maybe it isn’t for her. But just because you had one outcome doesn’t mean someone else will have the same one.

7.) Be Confident And Be Yourself

I know many of you will be nervous and that’s completely OK. Remember that the chapter women were in your same shoes once. As long as you’re staying true to yourself, others will be drawn to that without you having to do anything else. They aren’t looking for anything rehearsed. Just think, “Where can I be myself without any makeup, sitting on the couch in shorts and a t-shirt watching Netflix?”


I know it’s a lot to remember. But if you want to get the most out of your UF sorority recruitment experience, don’t jeopardize it by gossiping or listening to what others say. Block it out, and go with an open mind. At the end of the day, you chose to go through this process, and therefore you will be the only one that has to live with the outcome.

Recruitment is going to be one of the best weeks of your life if you make it. It’ll be a long, hot and crazy week but it’ll all be worth it as you build friendships and an experience to remember.

Are you ready for 2018 UF Sorority Panhellenic Recruitment? Let us know in the comments below!
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