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10 UC Berkeley Famous Alumni

10 UC Berkeley Famous Alumni

Great people with big dreams come out of University of California Berkeley. These are some of the greatest UC Berkeley famous alumni!

To the many seniors graduating from the BEST PUBLIC SCHOOL IN THE WORLD, as if you already didn’t know that; here are 10 UC Berkeley famous alumni to inspire you. After reading this, as you walk to Sather Gate, you’ll think to yourself “Hm… so *insert famous person’s name* walked on these floors?”

1. Chris Pine, Actor

It doesn’t matter whether you recognize him from the revival Star Trek series, a true rom-com classic, The Princess Diaries, or A-list celebrity; Chris Pine is a UC Berkeley alum. He attended UC Berkeley as an English major, class of 2002. It’s no surprise Pine spent his time involved in theater classes, and soon after leaving Berkeley, he quickly found mega success as an actor in Hollywood.

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2. John Cho, Actor

The Star Trek doesn’t stop with Chris Pine, as John Cho, another English student and cast member of the Star Trek series, spent his later teens and early twenties at Berkeley. Known for breaking boundaries and stereotypes about Asians and Asian Americans, Cho’s success demonstrates tenancy in his drive and spirit that was present even in his college days.

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3. Ki Hong Lee, Actor

Unforgettable on Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Ki Hong Lee (and his super cute dimples, like wow) was a psychology major. While here, Lee involved himself heavily in the club “Liberty in North Korea” aka LINK.


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4. Hannah Hart, YouTuber

If you don’t know Hannah Hart, then you’ve probably been living under a rock for the last 5 years. Hannah Hart is a YouTube sensation that has over 5.5 million subscribers online, and she spent her late teens and early 20’s as an original, and first, Cal Bear (cough cough Bruins, AKA fake bears).

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5. Laci Green, YouTuber

Informing the world-wide web about sex education, Laci Green is another successful YouTuber that has made her impact as a performer and educator on all forms of media.

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6. Alex Morgan, Soccer Player

Not into entertainment? Maybe the name Alex Morgan will excite you. A total campus “celeb” when she attended Berkeley, Morgan played for the school’s women’s soccer team. After graduating a semester early, she went on to pursue soccer in the Olympics and the FIFA Cup. No biggie.

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7. Aaron Rodgers, Football Player

Although he never finished his academic experience at Cal, Aaron Rodgers went to Berkeley on an athletic scholarship. Maybe some professors told him that he was never going to make it to the NFL or something like that. But, I mean once a Cal Bear, always a Cal Bear right?


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8. Jaylen Brown, Basketball Player

Berkeley seems to be the home of many athletes, like NBA player Jaylen Brown! Besides his obvious talent of basketball, during his time at Cal, he learned how to speak Spanish very well, while taking master degree classes on campus. Double wow!


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9. Steve Wozniak, Programmer & Electronics Engineer

So maybe you don’t follow sports, but I bet you are using an Apple device as we speak. Steve Wozniak is most famously known for co-founding Apple Inc. with Steve Jobs. Having worked for a variety of big companies like Atari, his experience in programing has made him one of the most notable alums of UC Berkeley.


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10. [Insert Your Name Here], [Insert Your Profession here]

Hah! Kind of cheesy right? But, I’m serious! You could totally be one of the next “famous alumni” from UC Berkeley! Maybe you’ll be successful enough to give a long speech at graduation! #goals

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UC Berkeley is the number one public school in the world. Yeah yeah. We brag about that statistic a lot, but it has to mean something, right? The school has more resources than you could ever imagine; and the future of the world (no pressure, right?) is on you. You’re going to do great things here at UC Berkeley, and who knows, maybe your name will be on one of these “Famous Alumni” lists one day! Go BEARS!

These are some of the greatest UC Berkeley Famous Alumni! Did I miss anyone? Share in the comments!
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