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10 U.S. Cities You Need To Put On Your Travel Bucket List

10 U.S. Cities You Need To Put On Your Travel Bucket List

10 U.S. Cities You Need To Put On Your Travel Bucket List

Nothing is more satisfying than crossing off places from your travel bucket list. Except may adding a few more! You’ve probably already got, and crossed off, cities like New York and Los Angeles so it’s time you added a few more. Here are 10 cities you need to put on your travel bucket list!

1. Fort Collins, Colorado

This was one of those cities for me I didn’t know I had to visit until after I’d already left. This is the perfect city for those who love a good hike and a better beer after. There are dozens of breweries in Fort Collins — including Budweiser — for you to visit. It’s also nearby the Rocky Mountain National Park for those with a sense of adventure!

2. Boston, Massachusetts

I tell anyone who listens that they need to visit Boston. The architecture, the parks, and the history of this town blew me away when I first visited. It’s a perfect place for the American history nerds, but also the baseball enthusiasts! You can go explore the amazing American Revolution sties, but then catch a game at Fenway! There’s so much to see, learn, and do in Boston!

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3. Austin, Texas

Admittedly, this town is still uncrossed on my travel bucket list, but I cannot wait for the day it is. Austin has adopted the “Keep Austin Weird” slogan so you know they have some awesome things to offer those with wanderlust! This city has mastered the live-music scene with country, blues, and rock being performed everywhere downtown.

10 U.S. Cities You Need To Put On Your Travel Bucket List

4. Savannah, Georgia

If you’re in search of some southern hospitality, you need to add Savannah, Georgia to your travel bucket list! This city is overflowing with food, history, and charm! The Savannah River Street has all the best foods, shops, and views of the Savannah River.

5. Sedona, Arizona

This city has some of the best hikes I’ve ever done! And the best food! I spent 24 hours in this city and I fell in love. The red rock hikes are some of the best views (and work outs!) I’ve seen. Just driving through the town is like driving through a wall calendar.

10 U.S. Cities You Need To Put On Your Travel Bucket List

6. San Diego, California

This city is one of my all time favorites. There’s a little something for everyone! There’s rest and relaxation in La Jolla. Mission Beach has all the board walk vibes. Gaslamp Quarter is perfect for those who like a night out. Old Town is the spot for the history nerds. With amazing weather and better food, I’d be more surprised if this wasn’t on your list.

7. Nashville, Tennessee

The food. The music. The culture. The Honky Tonk. Nashville, Tennessee is one of those legendary cities people unfortunately neglect to add to their travel bucket lists. The city and country views in this town are breathtaking and the food is finger-licking good. I could go on and on about the music scene here, but I’m sure we all know this city is country music’s home.

8. Juneau, Alaska

We can’t forget about Alaska! Juneau is often forgotten because it is so far away, but don’t sleep on this city. It’s one of those towns where every view is breathtaking. There are dense forests, snow-capped mountains, and ice glaciers to check out here! You can even go whale watching if their migration is in season. This town is bringing a whole new experience to coastal views.

10 U.S. Cities You Need To Put On Your Travel Bucket List

9. Miami, Florida

It isn’t exactly Cuba, but you can leave half of your heart in Miami! So. Much. Latin. Spice. You’ll spend your days in Miami swaying your hips to the ubiquitous sound of drum beats. The weather, the beaches, and the food will have you asking to extend your trip!

10. Missoula, Montana

This probably isn’t a town you’d ever think to add to your travel bucket lists, but then you’d just be missing out. Montana’s wide open skies and plains can be the perfect antidote for busy lives. Missoula is nearby so many forrest and national parks. You can even go trout fishing! Shut off those phones and enjoy this town’s great outdoors!

What U.S. cities are on your travel bucket list?

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