10 Typical Short Girl Problems Any Tiny Girl Can Relate To

Short girl problems are common knowledge. They’re in memes and all over social media to provoke a laugh, but which ones are really true. Here are 10 short girl problems that every short girl can relate to.

1. You have to move the seat all the way up to drive

Regardless of the make or model, you will always need to move the seat up to drive. When someone else gets into the car, they always make fun of you for sitting so close. You also struggle to see over the dashboard and it’s a competition as to which is more important: reaching the pedal or seeing the road.

10 Typical Short Girl Problems Any Tiny Girl Can Relate To

2. You’re always being called cute

It’s never hot, attractive, or beautiful, it is always cute. Being called cute can be annoying for short girls because it makes them feel like kids. Regardless of how short a girl is, cute is not a compliment!

3. You have to ask people in the grocery store to get stuff down for you

Basically, if something is on the top shelf you just aren’t going to be buying it unless someone offers to get it down for you. Short girls tend to stick to the lower shelves without question. So if you see a short girl struggling to get ingredients down, try to help her out!

10 Typical Short Girl Problems Any Tiny Girl Can Relate To

4. People like to take your stuff and hold it over their head

Your friends think it’s really funny to take your stuff from you and hold it above their head. They get a laugh from watching you jump for it and not even come close to reaching it. Note to taller people, this is not funny!

5. There is no point to the visor in your car

If the sun is anywhere but high noon, it is likely you won’t be able to shield yourself from the sun with your car visor. Since short girls sit so low to the ground, the visor if often too short to actually cover the sun. This is why you will always see short girls wearing sunglasses.

10 Typical Short Girl Problems Any Tiny Girl Can Relate To

6. People like to use your head as an armrest

When short girls stand next to their friends, they often get used as an armrest. It is usually followed by some kind of “ha you’re short” type of comment. If you’re used to short girl problems then you probably let this one go.

7. You wear heels and are still shorter than all of your friends

Short girls love heels because it makes them feel like they are normal height. Most of the time they don’t quite reach the height of the people they are around, but it at least gets you well over five foot tall.

10 Typical Short Girl Problems Any Tiny Girl Can Relate To

8. You add “and a half” when someone asks your height

When you’re extremely short you almost always add “and a half.” It may not seem like it but the half an inch is super important, especially if you are one of the lucky ones under five foot tall. Four foot eleven “and a half” means ALMOST five foot.

9. You can date anyone you want

This may not really be considered to be short girl problems, but short girls can date anyone they want. You never have the worry about being taller than your significant other. although you may have to worry about them being a little too tall.

10 Typical Short Girl Problems Any Tiny Girl Can Relate To

10. You get excited when you meet someone shorter than you

It may be a middle schooler, but you get excited whenever you meet someone who is shorter than you. It is a rare occurrence so you have to point it out whenever it happens.

Which short girl problems do you relate to the most? Comment below!

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