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The Typical Day of a Student at Texas A&M University

The Typical Day of a Student at Texas A&M University

The Typical Day of a Student at Texas A&M University

What does the typical day of a student at Texas A&M University look like? Well that all depends on certain factors. Are they living on campus or commuting to class? Are they taking a full course load or just two classes? What does their schedule look like? Are they involved in campus activities or clubs? These are just some of the factors that can influence what a typical day will look like for students at Texas A&M University.

1. Living on or off campus

If the student lives on campus they live in the BLV (Bringle Lake Village) dormitories. Their day most likely can start out two ways. They will get up at a reasonable time get ready, maybe eat some breakfast, and get a head start on any upcoming work for that week. The other option the could have is getting up 10 minutes before class starts, throwing on some clothes they find on the floor, and running out the door. If a student lives off campus, whether it be with their parents or in an apartment with friends or by themselves, they have to take into account several things. How close do they live to the University? What is traffic going to be like? After looking at the traffic report and giving themselves ample time to reach the university, they set out.



2. Course load

The way a student’s day goes can also depend on how many classes they are enrolled in. For example, last semester I only had one class on Monday and Wednesday at 3:00, and 2 on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-12:15. I went to my classes and then went home. I live 45 minutes out from the university, so if I didn’t have any club meetings or errands to run I headed home.

3. Schedule

A student’s day can also be affected by what their schedule looks like. Some students have to go to work before or after classes. They have errands to run in between classes or they might just have a full day of nothing but studying and classes.


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4. Campus activities or clubs

A student may also be involved in activities and clubs. They may be a club officer and have certain responsibilities that pertain to the club they are in. student government, psychology club, student life, student support services and tutoring are just a few things a student could be involved in on campus.

Any way you look at a student’s typical day at Texas A&M University, there is no way to fit it all in. We college students are extremely versatile and we know how to multitask. Every one of us has a different schedule each day, and we aim to get it all done. I hope you enjoyed this article!

So what does your typical day as a student at Texas A&M University look like?
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