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Typical Day Of A Broke SFSU Student

Typical Day Of A Broke SFSU Student

The life of a broke SFSU student. The most relevant topic for the beginning of the semester. (AKA when every college student is especially broke from over priced books, buying new bedding, and ordering extra tacos to help with the stress of upcoming classes.) If you can relate, keep reading for the typical day of a broke SFSU student!

Hmm… what for breakfast?

SO, it starts out in the morning, laying in bed deciding what to have for breakfast. Oatmeal? It was cheap, it’s healthy. Yeah yeah, good choice. Off to a good money-saving start.

But then you get on campus and it’s a whole other story. You realize how tired you are from binge watching Orange is the New Black last night and you order a coffee from Cafe 101 as it is a necessity.



But at this point you’re still hungry…

After ordering a $2 latte you realize there’s a $5 minimum when you pay with card. And of course the only cash you have is the massive amount of change in your wallet (and you don’t want to be that kid holding up the line counting dimes and pennies).

So you start looking at pastries but for just a couple extra dollars that ham and cheese breakfast sandwich can be yours! (Healthy enough right?) Plus the oatmeal didn’t fill you AND you walked all the way across campus yesterday (that slight incline is way more of a work out than it looks).


It is easy to justify the cost of food with how good it tastes!

Now you’re sitting in Cesar Chavez mentally shaming yourself for the decision. “You said you weren’t going spend like this anymore!” But then you justify it with how delicious the sandwich is. (Treat yo self!)

Waiting for class to start has its own distractions.

So the day goes on and while waiting for class to start you scroll through Amazon and it takes everything in you to pass on the “lightening deals”. (That and the fact that you only have $8.62 in your account.)

How can you say no to going out to dinner with your friends?

Halfway through class your phone buzzes and the GM, “The Real Housewives of SFState” is blowing up about getting Chinese tonight. A night with your girls sounds great and so you decide to go but just not get anything to eat. (LOL, JK.) You end up getting a bowl but with a free water cup. (Honestly you’re such a pro money saver.)

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But once you get home it is time to do some laundry!

Then you come home to realize you have no clean PJs left and you can’t put off your laundry anymore. But food money > laundry money. So you’ll just sleep in underwear and a T shirt from last night, it’ll be fine.


You lie in bed and ponder the next day ahead of you.

Now you’re back in bed telling yourself tomorrow will be different. You’ll make your own coffee at home and delete your amazon app. But let’s be realistic, it’ll be the same all over again and the sooner you make peace with it, the better.

Just remember that you’re not alone and we’re all out here pretending to have our lives together when in actuality we’re all in line at Cafe 101 for a coffee most of us can’t afford.

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