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The Typical Day Of A CSUN Student

The Typical Day Of A CSUN Student

Every Matador is different. But, let’s be honest… All CSUN students have lived the daily routine. No matter the major, most of us can relate to a few experiences on this list:

1. First, it starts off with the commute.

Everyone’s least favorite part. Whether you’re a ten minute drive or three-hour bus ride away, we all got to get to school somehow.

2. Then, there is the first class of the day.

It is always a struggle, especially at the beginning of the semester… Whether you listen to a fascinating/not-so-fascinating lecture or blow some things up in a lab, your latté from Freudian Sip is a life-line.


3. Finally, you’ve got a little break to study and grab some food.

Most likely, you’ll pop over to the Sierra Center for some quality cafeteria-style bites at a good price. As you chow down, you either check Instagram on a chill day…or do some last minute cramming. You might even see a few familiar faces, since every student is in there around noon. Well, maybe not all 40,000 of us, but you get the point…


4. Then, you’re onto your extracurricular of the day.

Whether it is a sorority meeting or study group for your biology class, it is always nice to break up the day with a little socializing. You’ll probably wind up having to leave early, because let’s be real: finding the perfect schedule can be tricky.

5. Take a soothing breath… it’s the last class of the day.

Hooray! You might have a quiz or some group work ahead, but who cares when the day is almost over?


6. Finally, you get to go home.

You might Netflix and chill or nap. Not for too long, though, because that term paper won’t write itself. About halfway through, you get a text from a friend that you haven’t seen for a while (maybe a few weeks or hours…either way, you’ve got stuff to discuss!) You immediately make plans to see them that night. The term paper can definitely wait until you get home.

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7. During dinner…

They tell you about the amazing party later that night where your new crush will be waiting. A few hours won’t hurt, right?

8. As you walk in, you immediately realize you made the right decision.

A DJ and free booze? Who cares if it’s a Tuesday? You dance the night away with your friends and make intense eye contact–but never speak to–that special person. There’s always next time.

9. You Uber home a little tired, but you have to finish that paper.

Luckily, you’re able to knock it out in time, before Moodle gives you that dreaded error message. Finally, you change into comfy clothes and fall asleep to start the day over at CSUN again.

What else do you have to add to the routine of a CSUN student? Comment below and share the article!
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