Why Women Love All Types Of Yoga Practice, An Honest Review

Okay, sure. Yoga isn’t just looking cute for the ‘gram—it has some obvious mental, physical and spiritual benefits. But let’s get real, the age-old practice definitely has some hidden perks yogis don’t often talk about and that a broke college girl could definitely get into. Here are six honest reasons why girls are so into the many different types of yoga practice.

Free, Free, Free

Free and yoga aren’t two words that usually go together. A full-year yoga membership would drain my college girl bank account before you could say “downward dog.” But a little-known trick I’ve come to appreciate in the yoga community is the free trial. Many studios let you get a little taste of their service before committing. This gives you a chance to find a place that’s best for you, get a few extra sessions in and save money for pizza. It’s a win, win, win!

Zen Instructors

Is it a requirement to have a Morgan Freeman-like quality to teach yoga? Because nearly every instructor could hypnotize the room with a few words. After a day of demanding classes, clubs and jobs, a girl could use time to sit and listen to a buttery voice for an hour. In fact, after each class I feel like I’m floating around in peace for a couple of hours, until real life kicks in again—it’s always nice while it lasts.

Feeling Like Superwoman

No yogi girl starts out being able to do *** tough yoga pose***, or whatever that is. Practice truly makes perfect, as cheesy as it sounds. It’s easy to become obsessed with nailing that new pose. When you finally do, you feel like a bad ass and want to share it with the world. Is your Instagram full of girls looking like human pretzels? The different types of yoga practice definitely give you many Insta-worthy snap shots. That’s because they’re feeling Bey-level pride!

Cute Clothing

Would I want to live my life in my gym t-shirt I’ve had for six years? No. But will I seemingly never take off these leggings and cute tank for the next six years? Absolutely! Yoga clothes are both comfortable and stylish. Not only can you wear them throughout the day after a class, but they are a perfectly acceptable outfit for a Netflix binge too. The only down side is they do not come cheap. Maybe all the money you save on free trials could go towards a ‘fit splurge’.

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Most classes end with this final resting posture, which requires everyone to literally lay down on the floor. It’s a designated time for relaxation and meditation, which sometimes ends up being a short nap. Finally, a class where you can fall asleep with no shame!

Love And Community

This one isn’t exactly a secret. Meeting another yogi is like meeting a long-lost sister. What’s amazing about the practice is that the community is strong wherever you go. Yoga’s core principles create a space of acceptance, and when a whole room has found it’s “Zen”, it’s hard not to feel a sense of unity. This is the part of yoga that keeps girls coming back. When you’ve found a group of people who love and accept you, you don’t leave. You cheer your fellow yogi on until she nails that headstand!

Why do you like the many different types of yoga practice? Let us know down below!

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