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5 Types Of Sweaters To Have In Your Closet At All Times

Sweater weather is not limited to the two back-to-back seasons, fall and winter. If you asked me, I would argue that sweater weather is year-round. Moving from California–the state of the golden sand and blue waves–to Arizona, the state of cactus, dirt, scorpions, and heat, taught me that sweaters are an essential clothing item to have in your closet at all times. Not just one sweater but several. From the chilly mornings to the spring-time evenings. From the ocean air to the air-conditioned house that was constantly too cold to bear. They do the job when it comes to keeping warm while being snug and comfortable. That being said, with the 12+ sweaters in my closet, here are the five types of sweaters you should have in your closet at all times. You never know when you will need them.

1. Day

Everybody wants to dress with comfort, regarding what they choose to wear for their day. Unless you are at your workplace or dressing to impress, you can find the ideal comfort you are looking for in a sweater. When wearing a sweater, many people, including myself, tend to lean more on the fitted and simple side of the sweater spectrum than anything. The sweater I habitually wear during the day is a knitted, grey fitted sweater. It never fails to bring me comfort when I wear it throughout the day. Not to mention it pairs perfectly with anything I wear: pants or shorts. It’s light and thin, which makes it perfect to wear during the summer heat as well. As long as your sweater is light and comfortable, you can wear it at any time. It won’t suffocate you in the heat when the summer sun is at its peak, and it will not be too much of a burden to where you can’t enjoy spring days.

2. Evening

Evenings always tend to be more on the chilly side of the temperature spectrum than anything. In both California and Arizona. Whether it is a knitted, patchwork printed, embroidered, a fleece, or cotton sweater. A sweater of any fabric can and should be saved for the evening. Again, no matter the season. Regardless if you are staying indoors with the windows open, eating dinner outside with the family, watching a movie, casually going out with the girls, or just enjoying your own company. You can never have too many evening sweaters in your closet. If I had to pick a number for how many I have in my closet, I would ensure you a minimum of five sweaters.

3. Beach

While the breeze tugs your hair, the ocean air fills your nose, and the sand tickles against your feet, relax in the comfort that your sweater brings you. Wearing a sweater to the beach is not as uncommon as you may think it is. Whether it is early in the morning, throughout the day, or in the evening, wearing a sweater is what makes a beach day more soothing and enjoyable. What kind of sweater you choose to wear is up to you. Take into consideration the time of day you go to the beach when deciding. For an early morning, I suggest a fleece or Baja Beach sweater. If you choose to go during the day, I advise wearing cotton or thin sweater. Finally, if you go to the beach in the evening (maybe to watch the sunset or to walk along the shoreline), I recommend wearing a dense sweater. This could include a chunky knitted, cotton, fleece, or micro-fleece sweater. For my days at the beach, I tend to favor cotton, fleece, and thin sweaters.

4. Lounge (Oversized)

There is no better way to lounge around the house, than in a pair of leggings, or any other lounging pants, and a sweater. It could be any sweater: college, logo, plain, striped, patterned, or personally designed. When it comes to having a sweater that is meant for relaxation, I highly recommend wearing an oversized one. A sweater I habitually wear, when I want to lounge around and relax at home, is an oversized Stanford fleece sweater. It was my mom’s. She gave it to me because it was too big for her. I don’t know what made her think I would be able to fit in it. No matter. I make use of it and wear it on my days off.

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5. Date

Many people don’t like to wear a sweater for a date night. I get it. You want to wear something that is both flattering and fitting. Many people who strive for that particular look, look at something more fitted instead of sweaters. Though you want to wear something that enhances all of your beauty, a tight dress or a pair of jeans and a cami are not the only ways to achieve that. A sweater does not falter in any of those categories. Still, it all depends on how you wear the sweater. For a date, sweaters can be worn the usual way—with a pair of nice jeans and heels—but, to best switch it up, sweaters are commonly worn with skirts when it comes to dates. Find a skirt (short, long, patterned, denim, plaid, tulle, leather, plain), a simple sweater (knitted, cotton, thin, fleece, micro-fleece), a pair of tights (or no tights. Whatever your decision maybe), and a nice pair of heeled boots. Throw in a Baker Boy Cap too if you have the option. Voila!

No matter the time, day, or season. If you have these five sweaters hanging in your closet, you will always be ready for the occasional chill of the morning and evenings. After all, don’t you want to always live life in the comfort of a fitted or loose blanket, that is a sweater? I know I do.

What is your preference regarding sweater fabrics? Do you find yourself wearing them a lot or not enough? Is there a specific time or season you wear sweaters more often than most? Let us know in the comments below.

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