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The 10 Types Of Summer Hookups

The 10 Types Of Summer Hookups

Oh those summer nights, they make us do crazy things. Read on to find out the 10 types of summer hookups you probably already had.

Oh those summer nights, they make us do crazy things, including kissing strangers among other things. Read on to find out the 10 types of summer hookups you probably already had.

1. The “I just broke up with my boyfriend”

Graduation season is also break-up season. Couples are going their separate ways to study abroad, move to different cities, and move on with their lives. This leaves you boyfriend-less as the weather turns warm and ready for a rebound to kick off your summer. This hookup is not meant to last until September, he’s just a guy who kept you company on these lonely summer nights while you mend your broken heart and potential hangover.

2. The international fling

Ever since you saw the Lizzie McGuire Movie or Eat, Pray, Love you have been obsessed with the idea of finding love abroad. Your eyes meet across a busy market and soon you’re blowing off your general education elective to spend all your time laying about in the Tuscan country side. He’s not that good looking, you can’t really understand anything he’s saying, and he was literally the first guy you met, but what does that matter when you both know you’re going home in three weeks?


3.  The “semester’s finally over”

So you’ve been crushing on this guy all semester, but you were too afraid to ask him out and sentence yourself to three months of awkward lectures. Now, it’s the weekend after the school year ended. You go to a big school, so you probably won’t have another class with him. Next thing you know you’re in the closet at a house party with him, and you’re not 100% sure he knows your name. Oh well.

4. The guy from high school

You’re home for the summer and you run into that guy you liked from high school even though he never gave you the time of day. He starts by saying how good you look (which you already know) and one thing leads to another, and you end up in the backseat of his car at your old high school football stadium. Turns out, he hasn’t done much since you graduated and he’s still overly invested in how the football team is doing.

5. The “I’m lonely on the Fourth of July”

Fourth of July is kind of the New Year’s of Summer. It marks the midpoint of your vacation from school and reality. It’s warm, patriotic, and when the fire works start everyone just wants someone to make out with to commemorate our country’s founding. You just couldn’t help it. You didn’t want to be left out.

6. The co-worker

You ended up not spending the summer backpacking around Europe or interning somewhere exciting like New York. Instead you’re working in an office unrelated to your major and the only silver lining is the cute mail room guy you hook up with in the copy room occasionally. You never acknowledge each other outside of your time together in the copy room and you’ve gotten toner in some weird places.

7. The lifeguard aka the guy who is way too hot for you

Maybe the heat is making you delirious, but something about summer makes us do things we would usually never do, like have the balls to ask out a guy way out of your league. Turns out hot guys aren’t so scary. Eventually you will realize it could never work. He is far more dedicated to expanding his fitness Instagram and homemade nutrition bars than he is to kicking it with you all summer.

8. The Class A dipshit

This is the guy you met through mutual friends so blowing him off isn’t that simple seeing as how he’s at every BBQ, party, or gathering of people where you know anyone. He talks about chest day at the gym a lot and wears his baseball cap backwards. You hooked up with him once per the advice of your mutual friends because they “could really see you two together”, but really it’s because they’re overly invested in your love life and want someone to double date with.

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9. The guy you don’t tell your friends about

Ah, yes. The guy you picked up at the local dive bar on Thirsty Thursday. There’s nothing particularly wrong with him. You would just rather die than tell your friends you met him over pretzel bites and thought that was enough to bring him home. You go to great lengths to hide him from your roommates to spare yourself the judgment about your life choices. summer hookups 

10. The guy who def thought you were going to date when summer ends

This one almost broke your heart. Poor guy, he thought all those Sundays spent at the farmer’s market and late dinners actually meant something. But in all honesty, you were just in search of some adult companionship while you had some time away school and grown up responsibilities.  summer hookups

What other summer hookups have you had? Let us know in the comments below!
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