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10 Types Of Students You’ll Meet In Every College Classroom

10 Types Of Students You’ll Meet In Every College Classroom

Here are 10 types of students you will see in every college classroom no matter what school you attend so be sure to look out for them!

College is an environment full of very diverse people in background, interests, character… you name it. There are a lot of different kinds of people you’ll meet in college. Some of these can be hard to deal with, so remember with every different type of student you come across that doesn’t fall under the same category as you, just be patient. Here’s a list of 10 types of students you’ll encounter in the classroom.

1. The know-it-all

There will always be the person who thinks they know everything there is to know about whatever topic you’re talking about in class. They’ll answer everything perfectly and will throw a fit if someone challenges them.

2. The loudmouth

This is the one who normally gets the teacher off topic because they talk about completely unrelated things. All they want is to make sure people hear their voice. This is really annoying because it causes more work for you after initial class time. It won’t be easy, but try your best to interject and get things back on topic.


3. The one who’s never prepared

Can I borrow a pencil? Oh I also need some paper. Hey I didn’t hear what the teacher just said, can I copy that info there? There will always be someone who thinks they can mooch off of others all semester and get away with it.

4. The secretly smart one

There’s normally someone in class who’s actually really knowledgeable about their subject matter, but they only speak up in class when they have to. They probably get straight A’s and tutor other students.  It just comes naturally to them!

5. The hermit

The one student who always sits in the back, never speaks up, never goes to office hours, and pretty much doesn’t do anything they don’t absolutely have to. They’re perfectly average students, though. They can be pretty invisible, so you might not even notice them. If you do notice them, don’t bother them; they like solitary.


6. The diligent student

This student will talk in class a lot when they truly have something to add to the conversation. They might not have perfect grades, but they’re always prepared and have assignments turned in extra early. You can find them at a teacher’s office hours constantly.

7. The absent tee

Needless to say, you probably don’t know who this person is because they only show up on the first day of class and then the final exam.

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8. The clown

Just like the class clown in high school, there’s going to be a funny guy in the college classroom. They can get annoying after a while, but for the most part they offer a nice change from the monotony of the classroom environment.

9. The frat guy/ jock

The frat guy is normally a jock and vice versa. They’re usually more worried about tomorrow’s game and subsequent drunken party than they are in whatever is being taught in lecture today. One of the most classic types of students on campus!

10. The talkers

There are usually a few of these in every class. They will talk to other students all during class and not care who hears or how many times the teacher calls them out. It gets seriously uncomfortable after a while, especially when two talkers sit in the very front of the classroom together. It’s really distracting to the people who are actually trying to learn, too.


Do you agree that these are the types of students you see in class? Let us know in the comments below!

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