8 Types Of Professors On A College Campus

8 Types Of Professors On A College Campus

Throughout your four years of college, you’ll come across many professors with vastly different teaching methods and personalities. Despite their different perspectives and tendencies, there are always those professors who have the same habits or traits as the last. While some professors are dedicated to teaching and value their students, others can be difficult to work with. Here are eight types of professors on a college campus.

The Stickler Professor

We’ve all had that professor who does everything by the book and is a complete stickler when it comes to grading. Although you may feel like your paper or presentation is “A” worthy, you’re not surprised when you receive a “B” or “B+.” Then, when you look at the feedback for your project, it usually consists of tiny errors that no other professor would’ve deducted points for. What’s even more frustrating is when you take a test or quiz and the answers don’t align with the study material or two answers are almost completely identical. Despite endless hour of studying and hard work, it feels as though they can’t be pleased. Sometimes, it may even feel like they’ll rooting against you rather than for you.

8 Types Of Professors On A College Campus

The Mentor Professor

This is the professor that you can rely on for support and guidance. Whether you have a question about an assignment or you’re looking for someone to vent to, this professor will always be there to help. While some professors have the mindset that they’re only there to teach lessons and required course material, this professor puts in hours of planning to make sure you’re learning everything you possibly can. If you’re ever confused about your future or find yourself in a funk, this professor will take notice and lend a hand where they can. Although we all have professors we like and dislike, this professor is easily one of your favorite mentors to learn from and look up to.

8 Types Of Professors On A College Campus

The Disorganized Professor

There’s always that one professor who lacks organization no matter how hard they try. It takes them 10 minutes to find their course materials and another 10 minutes to start class. When presenting information to the class, they become scatter-brained and jump from point to the next without any transitions. They’ll acknowledge their lack of organization, leaving you hopeful that by next class they’ll have everything in order, but are unable to follow through. Despite their disorderly teaching methods, you learn to forgive them and realize that it could be a lot worse.

The Relatable Professor

This professor is fresh out of college and is not much older than yourself. Not only are you able to relate to them, but they laugh at all of the same memes and jokes that you do. Unlike the older professor who makes you cringe whenever they try to be relatable, this professor doesn’t even have to try. While some professors are set in their ways, this professor is willing to be more lenient because not too long ago they were in the same position as you. Not only are they tech savvy, but they’re also willing to share advice and tips that helped them throughout their college experience. Despite their title as a professor, they treat you as an equal, causing you to respect them even more.

8 Types Of Professors On A College Campus

The Condescending Professor

This professor is respected for their intellect, but tends to make you feel undermined. Whenever a student asks a question, they’ll answer it in the most patronizing way possible. They’ll encourage students to participate, but find themselves hearing crickets. Worst of all, they don’t even realize that almost every comment they make is condescending and become confused when students don’t want to speak up. If you’re ever unclear about the assignment or have a burning question that needs answering, you prefer to wait and ask your classmate for clarification. Despite the effort to like your professor, you can’t get past their “holy than thou” attitude.

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The Burnt-Out Professor

This professor has taught for multiple years and despite losing their passion for teaching, they continue to show up every class on autopilot. Rather than updating their lessons, they teach the same material they used when they first started their career. They’ll assign chapter readings for homework, then painfully reiterate all of the same information in class. The projects are never exciting and don’t cause you to think critically. Although their class is an easy “A”, you wish it was more challenging and interesting. Despite knowing what every class will consist of, they’re adamant that you show up and participate.

The Overextended Professor

Despite this professor’s effort to go out of their way to make sure their students are learning everything they can, it usually results in them taking on too much. They’ll make promises to provide lengthy feedback to every student, resulting in hours of extra work. Rather than assigning one project, they’ll assign two projects, a couple of worksheets, and a chapter reading. A couple of weeks will have passed, and you’re still waiting to hear feedback about the work you already submitted. They’ll finally get caught up with grading, and hand back a thick stack of papers that you had forgotten about. While you do appreciate the time and effort they put into their lessons, you wish they would slow their roll and try not to pack in too much at once.

8 Types Of Professors On A College Campus

The Slow Grader Professor

Each semester, you’ll get that one professor who never updates their grades. Months will have passed and you’ll still be wondering whether or not they graded a certain project or assignment. They’ll tell you they’re grading work, but never update the grade book. Despite multiple assignments being turned in, you have no idea if you have a “C” or an “A” in the class. Finally, they’ll update your grades all at once, usually a week or two before the end of the semester, and because of this, there isn’t enough time to bring your grade up. You can’t understand why they’re so adamant about assigning countless papers when they can’t even grade what you’ve already completed. You just have to hope that by completing all of the work, you’ll end up with a semi-decent final grade.

These are only a handful of professors that can be found on a college campus. Let us know what kind of professors you have or had in the comments below!

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