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5 Types Of Planners And Organizers You’ll Love

5 Types Of Planners And Organizers You’ll Love

A good planner is all you need to organize your life. They can be an aesthetically pleasing way to keep track of your busy schedule, and can also give you incentive to actually organized in the first place. Here are 5 types of planners and organizers you’ll love.

1. Bullet Journals

Bullet journals are the ultimate DIY planners and organizers. If you’re not familiar with them, bullet journals are books with dots, grids, or blank pages that you can fill however you want to. They’re totally personalizable. I suggest filling them with calligraphy headings of the days of the week or making your own monthly calendars using a good old ruler and some multicolored Muji pens. It’s always a good idea to use colors that you love and create a kind of mood board for yourself each month. Thinking about your emotions and experiences that have shaped your goals is a good way of staying on task and keeping yourself in line. Plus, they’re a lot of fun, and you can spend your time shaping the perfect aesthetic and being the designer for your own life!

5 Planners and Organizers You'll Love

2. To-Do Pads

Notepads are a really easy way to get a quick a look at what you have to get done. They’re becoming increasingly popular because of their accessibility and affordability. Plus, they look super cute stuck to your fridge or bedroom bulletin board. There are many different kinds of pads, but going for the nicest looking ones is probably a good way to ensure that you use them. If you’re looking for something unique, try a 90s style sticky note pack. Sticky notes are reminiscent of those good old days before phones become our memo-makers. Here’s some science to back me up: a good old sticky note forces you to physically write down your tasks, and studies have shown that handwriting is a better memory tool than typing so to-do pads will help you remember better.

5 Types Of Planners And Organizers You'll Love

3. Fancy Financial Planner

If you’re the kind of person that needs planners and organizers to track your finances, this is for you. Even if you see no reason to track your spending, a written record could be a benefit to you later on. If you’re starting to budget, a good looking financial planner will motivate you to keep track of your spending and plan for the future. You don’t need to go crazy on the planning– just having a planner with space to write down your spending, expenses, and upcoming payments can bring you a small amount of comfort in a very stressful financial time.

5 Planners And Organizers You'll Love

4. Basic Daily Planner

If you’re not the DIY type, or you just a like a more laid-back approach, don’t give up! A planner is still a good way to organize your life. Try a regular agenda that you can pick at a Wal-Mart or dollar store. These are cheap options that are good for entering the world of physical planning. You might be surprised to see how much simpler things become to remember once you start visualizing your tasks. If you don’t like handwriting all that much, try just writing jot notes instead of huge inspirational paragraphs. Jot nodes are just as handy as longer pieces; quality over quantity!

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5 Planners And Organizers You'll Love

5. Inspiration Organizers

What will make you your best self? How can you be happier? These planners and organizers are not a replacement for your therapist, but they are ways to keep track of your emotions and give you boost when you need one. Find one that best suits your needs. Many follow each day of the year with a question or prompt. They often prompt you to write about the things you’ve accomplished and the things you want to accomplish. I think that these kinds of organizers are the most similar to that secret diary you had as a kid. That one you used to write down all your big dreams. Don’t let go of those dreams! Stick them in this planner, and save them for life. Look back on them at the end of the year and see how far you’ve come. Live your best, organized life!

5 Types Of Journals and Planners You'll Love

Which one of these planners and organizers is your fave? What kinds do you love? Comment below and starting journalling!

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