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12 Types Of People You’ll Run Into When In Houston

12 Types Of People You’ll Run Into When In Houston

In the big Southern state of Texas, Houston has an incredible amount of different cultures and different types of people that you'll meet when you're there!

Houston is one of the most interesting and diverse cities in the U.S. Not only is it the fourth largest, but it’s Caucasian population is only around 48%— a far cry from Laredo Texas’ 87.7%. Because of this, you’ll run into many different ethnicities and cultures whenever you visit Houston. This is one of the things that makes Houston so great — some even say its a map of the future of America. But anyways back to the original topic, here are the 12 different types of people that you will be guaranteed to run into whenever you’re in Houston!!

1. The Loyal Republican

Now this is no surprise, considering where Houston is located. While it is a big urban environment, Houston still remains within the big southern state, Texas. While there is definitely a political gradient and you will see some more mild Republicans, you will still without a doubt see a few Trump hats and “Make America Great Again” stickers.

2. The Loyal Democrat

While it may seem as though the Republicans in Houston are overwhelming, you definitely still have your loyal liberals. This is because Houston remains a huge city; many liberals even talk of a day when Houston will be turned blue – just like Austin.


3. The Running Enthusiast

Probably one of the toughest types of people in Houston, this group willingly chooses to run outside during Houston’s hot summers. Because of this, I like to call this group of people enthusiasts— not only are they professionals, but they love the sport of running with an intense addiction. In order to single out this crowd, look for FitBits and sweat bands.

4. The Athleisure Enthusiast 

At first glance, these people are easy to mistake for the prior group. However, when you begin to notice that not only are they wearing an entire outfit of athletic gear but make-up as well, it is easy to see through the facade. The biggest telltale sign of this group is the mark of a single company – Lululemon. I myself own more than my fair share of Lulu leggings. So, before you judge this group, try on a pair! I promise the only thing you’ll regret is their price tag.


5. The Country Club Expert

Just like many other big Southern cities, Houston has more than a couple of country clubs. Not only will these members have a sticker of their respective club on their car, but they will also most likely be clothed in all white and proper golf and or tennis attire.


6. The Foodie Expert

Because of Houston’s amazing diversity, we also have the best food. Within the city’s limits, you can get authentic food of many, many, different cultures. And so, the people of this group have taken it upon themselves to become an expert in this field by not only frequenting incredible restaurants, but also by keeping a carefully cultivated Instagram and or blog.

7. The True Hipster

This person most likely spends all of their time split between the Museum district and Montrose. If you meet one of these people befriend them immediately and hit them up with a follow on Instagram— it is probably very well updated and has all of the best places in Houston.


8. The Instagram Hipster

A wannabe of the previous group, these fake hipsters usually are just affluent people who try to come off as authentic and ‘hipster’. You can usually pick these people out once they start to claim that going to Starbucks is hipster when we all know it’s basic. 


9. The Bonafide Texan

If you don’t hear them coming by the click of their cowboy boots or the low swing of their Southern drawl, then you most definitely hear them coming by the loud roar of their 4×4 trucks. These people were most likely born in the outskirts of Texas and then moved into the city.

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10. The Bonafide City Slicker

Unlike the Bonafide Texan, this person takes pride in the fact that they don’t own, and will never own, cowboy boots or hats. They will also most likely take offense if you so much as allude to the fact that they have a Southern accent.

11. The Professional Hunter

People of this group most likely own more than two guns and know how to use them. Most of their vacation time will also most likely be spent going out to the country to hunt some type of game. Their house is probably filled with all types of taxidermy, so if you don’t like it, don’t visit.


12. The Professional Shopper

Instead of bullets, these people take down their prey by slicing off price tags. Because of Houston’s huge population, it also has a great deal of shopping centers and retail places to meet the clothing demands of its people. The members of this group value patience and sales above all else in order to get the best deals on the best clothes. If you encounter one, convince them to guide you into the retail depths of the galleria, you won’t regret it.

Who do you always see when you’re in Houston? Let us know in the comments below!
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