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10 Types Of People You’ll Meet At The University Of Utah

10 Types Of People You’ll Meet At The University Of Utah

College is the best time to meet new people. As the weeks are already flying by at the University of Utah, I’m sure you’ve noticed a ton of different people. Keep reading for the 10 types of people you’ll meet at The University of Utah!

1. The Redditor

This person is easy to spot, because they’re usually hunched over their computer screens, “taking notes.” They really aren’t fooling anyone though, I can see that movie you’re streaming from r/movies. However, these people are the best to have in your research groups. All that time spent on the internet is perfect for finding cool research facts!

2. The High School Athlete

You know this person. Always wearing their old team athletic gear. Usually with “Herriman Football Varsity” plastered across it with the year they graduated. You have to give them credit though, although their glory days are behind them, these people are still surprisingly in shape.



3. The Budding Yogi

You know those girls who look beautifully put together in a pair of workout leggings at 7:30 in the morning? They’re usually equipped with an aluminum water bottle and a perfectly sleek ponytail. I’m obviously secretly jealous.

4. The Coffee Addict

Often confused with the girl who needs a watch, the coffee addict is often seen standing in line at the coffee cart in the LNCO building. Except, these people always have a watch, and a cup of coffee. Again, these are the best people to be partnered up with, because well, who doesn’t like a good coffee break?


5. The Ski Bum

You won’t have any idea who this guy is because he’s never in class. Especially once the Ski Resorts open in the fall. I mean, you do have to take advantage of that amazing student ski pass, right?

6. The Professor’s Pet

Comes to school on the first day equipped with any book, essay, or dissertation that the professor has written in their entire career. None of the material brought is required, of course. However, these people may just save your grade.



7. The Know-It-All

While at first they may seem like the worst people you’ll meet at the University of Utah, being a know-it-all isn’t exactly a terrible thing. These people are known for their killer notes. And I mean, they take KILLER notes. Seriously, befriend this person as a study buddy!

Have you met these people at the university of utah?

8. The Sports Guy!

Usually the same person as The Redditor, except they come fully equipped in whatever sports team’s gear that they support. And I mean fully equipped. Look for them on gameday! They’ll probably be wearing all red!

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9. The Girl Who Needs A Watch.

She’s usually late, and completely disconnected when she finally arrives. Be wary of this one, they’ll ask for your notes, and you’ll never get them back.


10. Everyone Else!

College is a mixture of people, and you are bound to meet everyone on this list (plus many other people) in your four years at the U.

What are the other types of people you’ll meet at The University of Utah? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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