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The 8 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Kutztown University

The 8 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Kutztown University

Kutztown University is attended by people from all over. Here are 8 types of people you'll meet while attending Kutztown University.

Right in the middle of eastern Pennsylvania, you’ll find Kutztown University a college with a beautiful campus that sits on the top of a hill of Main Street. Surrounded by a small community of people who have known each other their whole lives,  you’re basically going to school in the middle of nowhere. Assuming you’re the type of person who finds enjoyment in the rural environment, hence one reason why you picked it as where to get your education for the next four years, here are 8 types of people that you are likely to meet during your time at Kutztown University.

1. The Grateful Dead Followers

Surprisingly, Kutztown University has a lot of Grateful Dead fans.  These people are good friends to have even if they’re not considered your “scene”. They like their homes to give off a good vibe to their guests, which usually includes wall to wall tapestries of different ink blot designs, and their homes have an overpowering aroma of incents. Body hair is the most encouraged part of themselves, it is encouraged to be grown long, full, everywhere and even dreaded sometimes.

At some point during your hangout, you’ll witness them hula hooping. Being one of their sources of entertainment, it’s actually pretty cool and sometimes mesmerizing, watching the way they spin it around every part of their body, barefoot in the grass while the smooth sound of a rhythm guitar plays off their speakers plays in the background.

The 8 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Kutztown University

2. The ACT Students

At Kutztown University, Actors Creating Theater (ACT) is a group on campus that performs multiple shows throughout the school year. The students involved become their own little family, sharing the common interests of musicals, entertainment, and extreme passion. They are the type of people that aren’t afraid to be expressive, including writing in red lipstick an inspiring quote on the bathroom mirror of a house party and sealing it with a kiss.

If a few of them are invited to a party, the whole clubs showing up. Their hearts may be soft but they party hard. You’re most likely to witness at least one drunken rant or appreciation speech between these guys after they just finished a shotgun beer circle. But it’s better they leave the party with having only busted out a few tears rather than a window.

The 8 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Kutztown University

3. The Ones Who Prefer To Keep It Close Knit

Not everyone at Kutztown University is looking to make friends with the whole school. While they don’t completely cut themselves off, they form a group of people and tend to stick only to them when it comes time for get-togethers. You can usually expect a text from them on a Thursday about a party they’re having on a Friday, that consists the same seven people they’ve known since freshman year. It’s always BYOB and you’re mostly going to end up playing beer pong or cards against humanity the entire night. And by entire night I mean everyone’s going home by 12:30 a.m. the latest.

Not everyone feels comfortable expanding their friend’s group, so your likely to get a “no” response when asking if you could bring a plus one unless it’s a potential boyfriend/girlfriend, but even that’s stretching it. While these people are cool and will probably turn into lifelong friends, it’s also healthy to leave your comfort zone by branching out to other parties and meeting other people.

The 8 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Kutztown University

4. The Ones Who Host Open Houses

These Kutztown University Students aren’t afraid to have new experiences every weekend. They’re usually the ones who go all out with their parties and drive around campus with a megaphone announcing it to everyone and throwing out their address. They’ll mostly provide liquor for their guests, but either charge for a cup or it’s limited while supplies last.

You’ll either watch a live band of Kutztown University students, who musically gifted, playing cover songs or one person who knows how to turntables. Their door is open to anyone who wants to come in because they’re just trying to have a good time and make the most of their college experience. These parties might be fun and worth experiencing, but they also have the downsides of attracting people with the wrong intentions such as stealing, fighting and breaking things so proceed with caution.

5. The Overachievers

The main point of college is to study hard for a degree so that you can have access to a better job. Kutztown University is a great school to get the education you want and as a student, your main goal should be to do the best you can. Those who like to go above and beyond while they may come out on top in the end, can be kind of annoying to witness. I’m talking about the student that never misses a class, comes fully prepared and is always chiming into the teacher’s lecture.

Your sitting in class trying to listen to your teacher get through their lecture and that one person keeps elaborating on the topic with part of their life story and how it relates. I really didn’t need to know that you went skiing at a resort in the state that we are discussing. I also don’t care that you broke your arm while doing so and that’s why you disagree with their safety policies, but I do need to know who their governor was in 1982 for the test on Friday before class is over.

6. The Ones Who Live Their College Career By The “C’s get Degrees” Motto

These specific Kutztown University students are not looking to fail out of school. They want to graduate like everyone else, they just take the journey a little easier. While doing the minimum amount of work is their own business, you’ll be able to spot them in class when papers are being handed back and they say, “A 70’s not what I was aiming for but at least it’ll keep my passing class average.”

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They don’t let the stress of finals stop them from going out on the weekends and making an appearance at a house party for a bit. They’re almost always down for a hangout, but every now and then will tell you they gotta focus on their big exams. While their chill attitude might make you calmer when hanging around them, you can bet they’re begging their teacher for those few extra points so they don’t have to repeat the class next semester.

7. The Townies

While these people aren’t necessarily students of Kutztown Universtiy, they are people who have grown up in or around the small town their whole lives. You can usually meet them working at the food establishments or convenience store in town. If you build a good friendship with them, you’ll almost always have a friend near you no matter how long you’re in school for.

You know that when you return back for the new school year, you can hit up Jim as a bar buddy on the night of move-in day. While they may seem like your go-to person, don’t expect them to be permanent. Like you going away to school, they may be looking to get out of the place they’ve spent their whole lives in. So while you are most likely to have stability with them than other friends you make, don’t assume they’ll live their forever.

The 8 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Kutztown University

8. The Petty People

You are, unfortunately, more likely to encounter these type of Kutztown University students while living with them. At some point, you will room with someone that you don’t exactly know very well and you are more than likely to encounter a living issue. While it should never escalate to physical violence, being petty is almost just as bad. I’m talking about the little things that make the biggest impact.

Not changing the garbage bag because they already changed it twice in a row and it’s someone else’s turn. Cleaning up only their mess on the table and leaving the roommates fork for them to get. Making comments about how they constantly hang up their coat in hopes the others will get the hint. And please do not ever purchase a small whiteboard for your refrigerator because that is like watering the petty-plant and it grew into Jack’s beanstalk.

It is so much more of a relief and respectful to confront your roommate about any issues you have with them and the workload around the house. Coming to a verbal compromise is the best way for you both to survive the school year and hopefully not end your friendship if there was one there, to begin with. And if nothing can get resolved then talking to your school’s housing department is mostly the best option because with pettiness comes talking behind each other back which worsens the situation, trust me.

Are you a Kutztown University student or someone else who have experienced run-ins with these types of people? Share with us in the comments below!

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