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10 Types Of People You’ll Meet At KU

10 Types Of People You’ll Meet At KU


As the weeks are already flying by at KU, you’re probably noticing all of the different people on campus. Do you keep seeing that same person on your way to class? Keep reading for the 10 types of people you’ll meet at KU!

1. The frat bros and sorority sisters.

Everywhere, all the time. They’re groups of people you’ll meet at KU all the time because they proudly sport their letters and walk in a pack of aviators, over sized t-shits, and chacos.


2. KU’s many athletes.

Think someone might be involved with a KU sport? Check their backpack…every athlete is sure to be displaying their name with a bag tag that says what sport they spend most of their free time practicing for.


3. Those who go hard or go home.

This is not in regards to inside the classroom. I solely mean the people who literally go hard every night of the week and go home immediately after class (if they even come to class).


4. Future leaders, presidents and CEO’s.

You can look at someone with this presence and assume they have their resume printed on a water-marked piece of paper, waiting in their bag. Ya know, just in case they meet the CEO of Amazon or something.

Isn't this true about some of the people you'll meet at KU?

5. Those people you wish you were!

The ones who walk into class and you realize how much better you could be. Whether its tanner, skinnier, smarter, more organized, better prepared or just happier….be yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others!

6. The Wescoers…

From groups handing out t-shirts to the students basking in the sun waiting for class, or even the yelling preacher who is trying to make the baskers aware of Jesus. There is always something happening on Wescoe Beach.



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7. The tour groups that get in your way…

Oh, you must have seen a group of adults and teenyboppers playing follow the leader behind someone in a red polo? These would be one of the MANY tour groups wandering around campus year-round…

Just know, it is okay to cry when walking past them. They need to know what college is actually like.

8. That one person you see everywhere, but have never talked to!

Maybe you lived in the same dorm or stood next to them at a basketball game and now they are everywhere; in the underground, on the bus, printing in Anshutz. You forever make eye-contact but don’t even know their name.


9. Those who are clearly fresh out of bed.

Raise your hand if you can roll out of bed, put on some shoes and feel confident wearing eye-boogers and dried drool all day long. This is the category I personally fall in to and I am proud of it every day, napping included!

10. The snapchat obsessed!

Watch out! There is no remorse when someone is snapchatting and walking. It happens more than people who are playing Pokemon Go. Try to photobomb a selfie if you wish, but don’t judge because we all know you do it too…sometimes even of your classmates.

Are there any other types of people you’ll meet at KU? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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