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10 Types Of People You’ll Meet At ESU

ESU has a great variety of people, and chances are you have witnessed many different characters, whether it be on campus, in class, or in your dorms. Maybe, you think you fit in a specific category. Keep reading for the 10 types of people you’ll meet at ESU!

1. The Sorority Girl

Sorority girls are a staple of the college experience, but what television doesn’t show you is that no two sororities are alike; therefore, the people in sororities are all different as well. However, you can definitely spot the Greeks, whether it be with their letters branded on every piece of clothing or the fact that you see them at every Greek party. However, don’t assume you know and understand every sorority girl on campus. Some may be the perky party girls that represent the stereotype in movies and on television, while others are more down to earth and into the community vibe that sisterhoods offer.

2. The Frat Boy

While frat guys also come in different shapes and sizes, you can still pick them out in a line-up (or crowd). They travel in packs and throw pie at each other, and when together, they will probably be loud and obnoxious, but underneath it all, they just want to be a part of something. Don’t assume all bros are egomaniac muscle heads either. Some of the nicest and brightest guys I have met on campus happen to be in fraternities.


3. The Gym Rats!

Ever see people do squats in the library, or hordes of runners traversing through Stroudsburg? No? Well, give it some time because the athletes are many. These types of people you’ll meet at ESU will probably make you feel terrible about yourself, but they don’t mean to (but you hate them slightly anyway). But, if you ever want to become one of them, they are all too happy to get you acclimated. It may just be the first epidemic that is actually a good thing. Still, I always get a perverse happiness when I see these people eat something unhealthy.

4. Those who like to “party hard,” maybe too hard.

These people are true college stereotypes. They come…they party…they go. Thirsty Thursdays are their favorite days of the week, aside from the weekend, of course. They have perfected the science of drinking their weight in vodka. While they may seem like a blast to be around, babysitting their drunk asses gets annoying real fast. Keep an eye out for the brave (or stupid) souls that go to parties in skimpy outfits in the middle of the winter. Make sure to laugh at their expense.

5. The Know-It-All…

You know those people in high school that raised their hand solely for the purpose of showing off their “superior” knowledge? Well, they have followed you to college and are unfortunately one of the types of people you’ll meet at ESU. Now, if you are excited about learning and actually like participating in class (which is encouraged) that’s one thing. But, when you start trying to teach the class and going way off topic simply to pretend to be the smartest person in the room, then take a good look at yourself in the mirror and get over that ego real quick. It will not serve you well in college or in the real world.

6. The Bossy Roommate

So, living with a stranger is a nightmare in my eyes. This is one of the few types of people you’ll meet at ESU that you wish you didn’t! You have to adapt to this person’s mannerisms, quirks, and what I call “OCD ticks.” But, when your roommate tries to leave little passive aggressive notes or make side comments about how messy your side is, your living arrangements can get stressful. Nobody needs a chore chart or a dish washing schedule. Just be adults and take care of your own stuff. If your roommate hasn’t gotten to that one bowl in the sink, then either shut up and let them deal with it in their own time or clean it yourself. Don’t be “that” roommate.


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7. The International Student

ESU houses foreign exchange students just about every semester, so chances are you will bump into them on campus. These students tend to keep to their own groups, but feel free to strike up a conversation with them so that they feel more welcome. Remember that they are in a whole new country where they don’t know much about the culture or the people, so easing them into our traditions will definitely make their stay a much better experience. Plus, you never know what you will learn from them.

8. People who constantly say, “My major is harder than yours.”

I am an English major, and I get this a lot, especially from the sciences. We take a lot of BS from the Bio and Chem majors. Don’t be that person. Every major has its own hardships, and you won’t know them all unless you walked a mile in their shoes. Don’t assume because you know what happens when you assume.

9. The people who get along with everyone!

Being an introvert, I am always envious of those who just make friends wherever they go.  But, these people can also come in two categories: the attention seekers and the genuine people. Attention seekers judge their self-worth by the amount of people that surround them, while the genuine people attract people by just simply being themselves. You want to be (or befriend) the latter.

10. The Library Dweller

For the sake of something catchy, this phrase is an umbrella term for those who take their schooling too seriously. They are the ones that do all their assignments ahead of time and practically live in the library. They take college (and life) too seriously, which isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes, you just need to blow off some steam. While you should take your academics seriously, going out after you’ve finished your assignments for the week is necessary to keep you sane and social.

Are there other types of people you’ll meet at ESU? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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Jenny Bront

Jenny Bront is a senior English Major at ESU. She loves literature, writing, and latin dance. Her biggest goal in life is to set the record for craziest cat lady.

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