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10 Types Of People You Meet The First Week Of College

10 Types Of People You Meet The First Week Of College

You will meet more people during your first few weeks than you believed was possible. Check out the top 10 people you meet the first week of college.

There are numerous emotions flying around during the first week of college. You’re wondering which dorms have the best parties, how the food will be, and which of these new passing faces will become your friends. You will meet more people during your first few weeks than you believed was possible. Don’t stress about remembering everyone’s name and hometown just yet, by the end of the semester some of them will have made names for themselves. Check out the top 10 people you meet the first week of college.

1. The Creeper.

Ladies, you’ll meet the creeper within two days the latest. He makes sure he seeks out every girl in his hallway and classes to introduce himself. When you run into him at a party he’ll offer to get you a drink, ask for your number multiple times, and invite you for a “better time” at his place. His unyielding confidence will try to text you for weeks, mostly after 1 a.m. Avoid this type at all costs.

2. The Party Animals.

You’ll meet them on move in day, and then only ever see them again if it’s past 2 a.m. They made sure their schedule did not begin until one in the afternoon, with no Friday classes. You can find them passed out in a bush one minute then up in the DJ booth within that same hour. Some people are always up for a good time.

3. The Overly-Friendly Girl Down The Hall.

You met her on the first day and she’s come by every day since to “check up on you”. She has asked about all of your classes, your hometown, favorite dishes, and then shared her life story. You appreciate her friendliness, but her hugs have to be minimized to when you drunkenly run into each other.


4. The Homesick.

Granted, in your first week it is normal to feel a little homesick. Especially if home is far away, but for some people home can be 45 minutes away and that is too much. You’ll find these people in your first week. They’ll trap you into hearing all about their family traditions and how their dog has a special trick that only they can do with them. Bring tissues if you plan on visiting them often.

5. The Meathead.

Complete opposite of the party animal is the meathead. He never drinks anything besides his protein shakes and water. He’s found at the gym in the early hours of the morning and again at night. They mainly keep to themselves and their gym buddies. Girls get friendlier when he walks back from the shower though.

6. The Drama Queen.

She could literally be part of the drama club, or she could just be someone who gives them a run for their money. You’ll meet her pretty early on too, she’ll make sure everyone knows her name by the end of the week. Anytime she walks into the room she makes an entrance, whether with her voice or her outrageous outfits. She can make for a good time, but only if the plans are under her control.

7. The Mom.

The mom is similar to the overly-friendly girl except you embrace her hugs and her old soul wisdom. She’s the girl you’ll want to go out with because she always makes sure everyone gets home safely. Bless her.

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8. The Bros.

Every campus has them whether there is Greek life at your school or not. Except they’re worse when there is no frat house for them to go to. Instead they’ll try to throw “bangers” in their room right above yours every Thursday night. They’re usually seen in lacrosse shirts or colorful Vineyard vine shorts.


9. The Overachiever.

All of their books were ordered and delivered in June, they did the summer reading, and have their planner color-coded. They made it clear that they do not have time for parties, social gatherings, or anything not related to academics. Their future was brightly picked out for them years ago. They continue to brag about the advanced classes they’ll be taking, you know, all four years.

10. The Stoners.

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You’ll probably smell this group before you meet them, or hear their coughing. They’re the opposite of the bros, (thankfully) and can be a pretty friendly group. If you’re taking any philosophy courses or environmental science you might see them, but they normally don’t come out of their rooms too often. Especially not during the day.

What other types of people did you meet the first week of college? Let us know in the comments below!
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