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Types of Marijuana Strains for Different Effects

Types of Marijuana Strains for Different Effects

In some states, as well as countries like Canada, and parts of Mexico, South America, and Asia, marijuana has become recreationally legal, as well as medicinal. Though it is a good time to kick back and spark up a joint with your friends, it’s been shown that there’s so much more to using cannabis than just getting stoned. Most stereotypes that are seen of this natural plant are hippies with red eyes that look like bumbling idiots, which is part of the reason it’s drawn away from non-smokers. Whether it’s to treat (emphasis on the word “treat”) any pain, anxiety, or just to keep your thoughts moving, certain types of strains give different effects for those bothers. Here are some of the best indica, sativa, and hybrid strains for the different mental and physical effects.


Probably one of the many things adults are all too familiar with, stress can be caused by many things; school, jobs, and other obligations that we had to learn to deal with head-on. It can be either the key to get those things done, or it can do the total opposite and turn your brain into mush. While some relieve stress with meditation or a hot bubble bath, marijuana can be used to treat those levels. The best options are strains with lower levels of THC, and indica/indica-dominant strains to give your entire body that instant relief, though some sativa strains are an exception. Strains like OG Kush, Pineapple Express, Royal Cookies, Durban Poison, and GG4 (Gorilla Glue #4) give those immediate happy, uplifted, and euphoric effects. At the same time, they can leave you feeling more energized and able to keep your creative thoughts moving.


In most cases, an indica/indica-dominant strain is the way to go if you’re looking to catch some z’s. The feeling of complete relaxation throughout your entire body can completely knock you out depending on the amount of indica that lies in certain strains. Strains like Hindu Kush and Grape Ape are some of the purest of indicas that almost give you that spacey feeling to where you don’t want to do anything but wrap yourself like a burrito and go to sleep. Tahoe OG Kush hits you so smooth as it slowly numbs you, leaving your eyelids harder to keep up, and leaves you feeling very uplifted. It can also help acquire the munchies if needed. God’s Gift is an indica that gives that dreamy and almost enchanted effect that hits you pretty heavily. Another reason why it’s a good use for closer to bedtime.


If you’re especially having a hard time clearing the clouds in your blue sky, and this is important as well, marijuana with certain terpenes. If you don’t know what terpenes are, they’re basically what separates what weed does for other kinds of strains. These ones provide that calm, euphoric effect. Sativa strains like Jack Herer, named after notable activist, will put you in that state of felicity and allow you to move with your thoughts instead of against them, which is good if you want to feel creative. Indica dominant strains like Granddaddy Purple can allow your body to release all that stress while maintaining that tranquility. If social anxiety. . . strains like Strawberry Cough and Northern Lights can give that powerful euphoria so you can enjoy what’s around you.

Types of Marijuana Strains for Different Effects


This another effect that marijuana has been scientifically proven to treat over the past few years. Typically, the best strains for pain relief are the more potent ones with balanced THC as well as CBD levels. Indica strains like White Widow, Master Kush, and Bubba Kush relax your entire body, making any pain manageable, even chronic pain. White Widow is a little more potent and could require a larger dose if you’re suffering from chronic pain. Master and Bubba Kush allows you to take deep breaths and be happy. Adding another Kush to the list, Purple Kush is one that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, should be used closer to bedtime. Sativa strains like Harlequin give that same buzz while treating any kind of joint pain without that fuzziness in the body.


Just because it’s pot, doesn’t mean you have to be stuck on the couch to enjoy it. Some sativa strains provide that high energy that makes us want to stay motivated to enjoy the high. For some people, however, strains with such high THC levels can leave them feeling more anxious or paranoid. The best thing is to find daytime strains that gently and smoothly give your head that buzz. More potent high-energy strains such as Green Crack (named by Snoop Dogg), Chocolope, Ghost Train Haze, and Jillybean help boost your mood and get you ready for any task within a matter of minutes. They can also help with stress while keeping you uplifted, so you can keep your thoughts unclouded while completing your days’ worth of tasks.


While marijuana has been becoming more known to treat pain and anxiety, some strains can help spike your creative juices if you’re a musician or a writer. Even if you’re neither one of those things, different marijuana strains can get you out of any mental funk. Sativa and sativa-dominant hybrids can give you that head high to keep your brain moving during the day. The high you get from Blue Dream comes in two phases: the first is the head rush that heightens your focus, which then fades into a relaxed, fuzzy state. This leaves you ultra-focused and ready for any task. Similar to BD strains like Sour Diesel, AK-47, and Space Queen give that steady buzz, leaving you feeling euphoric, and engaged in anything creative.

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Types of Marijuana Strains for Different Effects


Marijuana can be great for keeping your brain moving and your energy levels, but it can be even better for unwinding after a long work or school day. Not enough to knock you out completely, but just enough to not think for a little while and release some of that tension. The best strains are those with fruity terpenes like Trainwreck and Blackberry Kush that give that uplifting effect. Northern Lights and Blue Cheese have more of the herbal terpenes which are what give the sedating, relaxing effects. GSC (formally known as Girl Scout Cookies) gives the gentle, euphoric effect that comes from the pine terpenes that help ease any stress.


If something as relieving as marijuana can give your body that extra something while being intimate with your partner, I’d say why not? The cool thing is it doesn’t matter all that much whether you pick a sativa or indica strain to get it on. Although, too much of a body high could leave one or both of you locked on the sofa and not wanting to move, which kind of defeats the purpose. In this case, with strains like Bubblegum Kush and Granddaddy Purple, a little bit can go a long way to get perfect buzz throughout your entire body. And, of course, sativa is known to surge more energy to your brain, so strains like Super Sour Diesel and Dream Queen, also good strains for creative purposes, give your good time that extra stamina. But, if you want to add more euphoria into the mix, a little bit of Ultimate Trainwreck will definitely enrichen that good time.

Types of Marijuana Strains for Different Effects

Which of these marijuana strains would fit to treat your physical/mental aches? Which ones did I leave out? Let me know in the comments below!

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