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The 8 Types Of Guys You’ll Meet Dating In New York

The 8 Types Of Guys You’ll Meet Dating In New York

New York is filled with a bunch of different types of guys. Here's a list of just some of the ones you'll probably meet while dating!

New York is the ultimate playground for dating in your 20s and seeing what’s really out there. Whether or not that is a good thing is up for debate…one thing that’s for sure is that you will definitely go through some of the most bizarre, and unique dating experiences here compared to any other city. So read on for the 8 types of guys that you will meet dating in the city!

1. The Ghoster

Ah, the infamous ghoster. A man you will most certainly meet throughout your dating excursions in the city. Ghosters will string you along for months on end on a series of incredible first dates, maybe even chiming in on multiple occasions with hints about your definite future as a couple together. Alas, 4 months into seeing the ghoster, he will begin to fade away, returning your texts back slower and slower, until he finally just disappears from your life altogether. Will you get an explanation? Probably not. By the time you realize that they are pulling out the slow fade, he will have most likely moved on to his next victim.

The 8 Types Of Guys You’ll Meet Dating In New York

2. The Situationship Guy

Much like the ghoster, the situationship guy just never wants to tell you what in the hell he’s looking for. After months of confusing Netflix & Chill sessions, days on end without him texting you back, muddled in with romantic dates, hand holding in public, and other things that only couples do, the situationship guy will still not have a clear answer for you when you ask him where things are going. “I’m not really looking for a relationship” is his favorite line, and you’ve probably forced yourself to be ok with his confusing signals in hopes that it will turn into something more. Spoiler alert: It won’t, and you’re probably just one of 7 other girls he’s leading on.

The 8 Types Of Guys You’ll Meet Dating In New York

3. The Party Club Promoter

Tall and good-looking with a nonchalant, laidback attitude, who still manages to be the life of the party- the club promoter seemed like a promising FWB at first glance. Things went sour, however, when you realized that the 9 other girls at his table were also his FWB. Dating a club promoter is just asking for Spanish telenovela drama to come into your life, so unless you’re cool with being in the middle of a sloppy love triangle with every other under 21-year-old college girl he brings out, then I would stay far, far away from these guys.

The 8 Types Of Guys You’ll Meet Dating In New York

4. The Aspiring Model/Actor

The aspiring model/actors Instagram feed is filled with photos of their faces from angles you didn’t even know existed, and they will never fail to remind you of what upcoming casting they might land that will finally launch their big break. These guys LOVE themselves, and they literally just want to find a partner who can boost their image and popularity even more. So yeah…issa dub.

The 8 Types Of Guys You’ll Meet Dating In New York

5. The Sugar Daddy Seeking An Arrangement

So we’ve all had our stints on sugar baby sites like SeekingArrangement and WhatsYourPrice. Maybe you had an unexpected falling out at your job, or maybe you’re just trying to graduate college without having $50k in student loan debt. You might have even met your sugar daddy at shmancy hotel in the city, or after a drunken night out at 1 Oak. These relationships rarely last long once they’ve realized that you’re just seeking an arrangement and nothing more. Just milk it while you can and if he’s not down to satisfy the financial arrangement you agreed on, then it’s on to the next one!

The 8 Types Of Guys You’ll Meet Dating In New York

6. The Guy Who Definitely Had A Girlfriend

The guy who definitely has a girlfriend is strangely secretive about his social media profiles. Perhaps he never accepted your Facebook friend request, or his Instagram is private, with under 10 pictures and occasional, alarming kissy face comments from an unidentified girl. News flash: you’re the side chick, and he most definitely has a girlfriend if he’s only trying to see you at 2am on a Friday night.

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The 8 Types Of Guys You’ll Meet Dating In New York

7. The Guy Who Still Lives At Home

Maybe he just never wants to invite you over for some unexplained reason, and his salary from his job is strangely sporadic and random. If that’s the case, he’s not inviting you over because he still lives with his parents, and his “salary” is actually just his weekly allowance.

The 8 Types Of Guys You’ll Meet Dating In New York

8. The Frat Boy Who Never Grew Up

The Frat boy who never grew up spends his weekend at the local dive bar playing round after round of beer pong until his liver finally gives out and he’s slumped over the pool table blacked out. He spends his time relishing over his glory days being in Greek life at Dartmouth, and just can’t seem to get over the fact that he’s in the real world now. He has some major growing up to do, and so do you if you find anything enticing about dating a manchild.

The 8 Types Of Guys You’ll Meet Dating In New York

Which one of these guys have you encountered dating in the city? Comment below!
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