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The 10 Types of Guys You Will Meet at a Frat Party

The 10 Types of Guys You Will Meet at a Frat Party

One of the most exciting parts of college is getting to go to a frat party. Nothing is more exciting than going to the frats for the first time. In movies you see an awesome frat party where everyone is having a good time, but nobody warns you about the different types of guys you will see there. I’m here to break down the 10 types of guys you will meet at a frat party and which ones you need to avoid.

1. The stoner

This is the guy at the frat party who will sit in one of the bedrooms all night and get high. He thinks getting high is so much better than getting drunk and will make sure every person at the frat party knows that he feels that way. The whole frat party will know there’s a smoking room, but everybody else would rather actually attend the frat party.

2. The player

This is the guy who goes to the frat party every week just to find a girl to bring home. He is super charming and cool, but do not be fooled. This guy will never call you after the party. He is only motivated by his horniness. Avoid this guy at all costs at the frat party.


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3. The desperate guy

This guy is complicated. He is the guy at the frat party who is so lonely that he will settle on the first girl who will give him any attention. He wants a girlfriend so bad that he will do anything to get them to like you. He might be a good guy, but he might not be. It is really hard to tell. He will be nice to you at the frat party, but don’y take advantage of his desperation.

4. The guy who thinks he’s too good for you

This guy will not give any girl any attention at the frat party. He’s probably really hot and knows he’s the hottest guy at the frat party. He is really arrogant and literally thrives on ignoring girls. He loves having some weird frat guy power and feeling cool for being in a frat. Don’t even try with this guy. He is already in love with himself and there is no room in his heart for him to love you too.


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5. The blackout

This guy is at the frat party, but nobody ever sees him after the first hour. He is in some random corner of a random room passed out. At 2 a.m. someone asks where he is and nobody has seen him in hours. Somehow he ends up alive the next day despite being too drunk to function at the frat party the night before. Nobody knows how this guy can go so hard every weekend. If by chance you see him awake, don’t even bother talking to him. There is no way he will remember you exist.

6. The overly competitive beer pong player

The way to impress this guy at the frat party is by beating him at beer pong. There is no other way. If you talk to him while he is in the zone he will go full beast mode on you and send you away crying. He will stand at the table all night long playing games and will not leave the table until someone beats him and he has to leave. Once he gets kicked off of the table for losing you can swoop in and give him some tips and tricks. Maybe next game you can ask him to be your partner.


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7. The guy on aux

This is the guy at the frat party in charge of the music for the night. He has a lot of power at the party and everyone knows where you can find him. His music choice has the power to make or break the frat party, and no. He is not taking requests. He might get lonely, so you can try to say hi. He might be too busy making a playlist of todays top hits to talk to you though.

8.The creepy guy

Avoid this guy at the frat party at all costs. He only got in the frat because he is a double legacy and his dad donates money to them every year. All of the guys in the frat know he’s creepy and if you ask about him, they will warn you to never speak to him. Everyone else at the party already knows he’s creepy, so they won’t talk to him. If you give him any attention he will follow you around forever.

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9. The dad

This is probably a senior guy or something that never goes too crazy at the parties. He keeps all of his frat brothers in check at the party and makes sure they don’t do anything too stupid or dangerous. This is a genuinely good guy and wants everyone to be safe, but also have a good time. This is probably the best type of guy at the party and will also make a great dad to your future children.

10. The one with the girlfriend

This is the guy at the frat party who will go out of his way to make sure everyone knows he has a girlfriend. Chances are she is standing right next to him, so it will be obvious. They are incapable of being apart ever because they are sooooooo in love. If you try to talk to him at the frat party he will not let you finish a sentence without letting you know he has a girlfriend. If the girlfriend sees any other girl that looks like a threat, she will grab his arm and hold on for dear life. Just wait this one out a few weeks. They are going to break up.


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11. Have you seen any of these guys?

Let us know if you have seen any of these guys at any frat party you have been too. Which ones have you seen?