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12 Types Of Friend Groups You Shouldn’t Have At College

College means you’ll experience a lot of different people, but it’s best to avoid these specific friend groups if you want to survive it. These are the type of friends who will convince you to fall behind on your studies, get involved with some crazy stunts, and will overall get you in a lot of trouble!

1. Party-Hard Frat Guys

Joining a fraternity seems to create the illusion for some that it’s a golden ticket to excessive partying and a wild sex life. But is this because fraternities are coincidentally offered this convenience? No! A group of like-minded young men looking for fun, booze, and sex is practically a recipe for disaster! Disaster enough to get you in serious trouble. The kind you get kicked out for. 

Just because you want to impress your fellow frat bros doesn’t mean you should risk expulsion for their appeasement.

2. Cult Groups and Jesus-Freaks

Here’s an idea: don’t be susceptible to cult conversion in your early adult life! Difficult, I know. But seriously, these cults of influence can be dangerous and they’re plentiful in college.

Radical ideologies are prevalent in and a product of college, which explains its abundance of grassroots liberalism and social justice campaigns. College is the place people want to find meaning in, but be careful what sort of people you’re associating with to find that purpose! Don’t believe any overly-devout Christian who tells you the Rapture will come before your finals.

3. High Art Snobs

We’re talking Film majors; we’re talking Drama majors; we’re talking Photography majors! We’re delving into the overly judgmental friend groups within an artistic medium with self-inflated egos. They think they know better because they study what “real” art means in their field, but are instead gatekeeping their hobbies from people with a passing interest. Stay away from friend groups like these.

4. Slacker Friends

There’s always going to be a temptation to slack off your responsibilities. And there’s no better temptation than in the form of a shared groupthink. You know the one. That friend group that would rather play video games, go to the park, and eat an extra meal rather than prioritize their studies. 

The slacker friend group will convince you to take it easy and goof off with them instead of doing homework. Don’t listen to them!

5. Shut-Ins

The polar opposite to the party-centric friend groups, shut-in friends are those who would rather stay in their dorms all day and have no social life outside. Where playing online and chatting through Discord constitutes the majority of their socialization. Maybe you guys get together at someone’s place to watch a movie and play video games, but realistically, this friend group isn’t going to go out and do interesting things.

There’s a balance to be struck between being party-centric and an indoor hermit. It’s college and you’re young. Live a little!

6. The Guys You Just Met At A Party

If you’re a woman in college, this one goes out to you! Never trust a group of men you have little to no history or prior involvement with! Though these times are much more progressive, there are still very dangerous men willing to do whatever it takes for a good time. Ladies, it’s safe to assume every man you meet at a party can be potentially dangerous.

7. Druggie Friends

There’s a huge difference between recreational marijuana and the stuff Walter White is cooking in Breaking Bad. But, some college friend groups don’t care. They’re looking to have a good time that’s so not legal, even in California! 

Whatever risky illegal substances they’re handling, they’re not good for you or your reputation. They can get you downright expelled and lead to a life of addiction. Let’s be smart and avoid friend groups like these, shall we?

8. The “Academic Probation” Lot

The “too cool for school” students: that friend group that makes the slackers look like dedicated honor students. Students on academic probation in college risk expulsion either due to their grades or actions, which means befriending these types will most assuredly get you involved with their troubles.

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They’re at college to make friends and nothing else. You ask yourself, “why are they here?” but they’re fun so you stick around. Before you know it, you’ll start asking yourself “why am I here?”

9. The Super Studious

Now, there’s nothing wrong with friend groups like these. Studying is a major asset to prioritize in academic environments and highly necessary! Unfortunately, there’s such a thing as overkill. Whether they’re trying to keep their spot in the honors program or leaving nothing in their future to fate, devoting your entire college life to studies isn’t all that college should be about. 

College is meant to be a place of learning through socialization! Even if that socialization means going to that wicked rager down the street to play beer pong and be dared to lick alcohol off your friend’s belly button. 

10. Over-Regulating Sororities

Sororities have a different image from fraternities, which puts them on the opposite end of the spectrum. That also means they hold different problems. Some sororities are known to over-regulate and oversee every facet of their members’ presentations. They’ll regulate what you can or can’t post online, how you behave in public, what you must wear, how to smell, and so much more.

At a certain point, you’ll wonder if you’re living for yourself or for the sorority. If you choose to enter a sorority, make sure they’re not going to overlook every little thing you do!

11. Business Majors

I think this one speaks for itself.

12. The Trash Talkers

Trash talking friend groups are those that can and will find any negative thing to bag on in any person or place! If there’s no gossip, they’ll make gossip. They’re the kind of group who find it funny to criticize and mock other students for their interests or beliefs. They’ll be the type to see a protest and harp on how so many people can actually care. Because apathy is “cool!”

College won’t cause you any trouble if you avoid these groups. Let us know what other cliques to avoid by leaving a comment below!

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