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10 Types Of Freshmen You’ll See In College

10 Types Of Freshmen You’ll See In College

You will be friends with some of them. And you will be annoyed by some of them. These are 10 types of freshmen you are most likely to see in college.

Once you enter college, you will see a lot of people. You will see a lot of different people. You will be friends with some of them. And you will be annoyed by some of them. Who knows, some of them might turn out to be your life long partner or your worst enemy. These are 10 types of freshmen you are most likely to see in college.

1. The Party Animal

This kid is wild. This person parties 5 days a week. You just don’t know if this person ever sleeps or eats. Props to you, soldier. You are an inspiration. How do you juggle school and social life? Most people choose sleep over partying, but not this kid.


2.  The Honor’s Program Student

This kid is the kid who was always on top of their class since day 1. This person thought about college since preschool. This kid doesn’t screw around. Surprisingly, this kid might take a completely route in college. They might come to realization that the plan they had wasn’t exactly ideal. They might end up with a completely different degree or no degree at all.

3. The Kid Who Knows Everyone

This happen often at state colleges. Quite a lot of people choose to stay instate due to financial concerns and many other reasons. This kid literally knows everyone at this college, even the out of state ones. These kids tend to be super friendly and funny. They’re good friends to have.



4. The Future Drop-Out

These ones tend to be in business school. They have this business idea or vision. That is all they work on. They don’t even seem to care about the school work. They’re just busy working on their own thing. They use school library as their office. Before you know it, they’re gone. Later, you find them on local news paper introducing their new vision and company.

5. The Kid Who Was Forced To Go To College By The Parents

This person doesn’t want to be here. The only reason why they’re stuck here is because of their parents. It’s not like they have specific thing they want to do, but that doesn’t mean they wanted to be stuck in the education system for four more years.


6. The One In A Relationship

All of their decisions involve their significant others. They always have to check with their lover before they decide anything. They always talk about their relationship. It’s great to see young couples in a healthy relationship especially hookup culture is so popular nowadays, but it gets annoying sometimes. You don’t hit these kids up when you’re trying to have a wild night out.

7. The Cultured One

This kid was normal, but after a semester of studying abroad, they became someone new. They became extra edgy. Their wardrobe changed as well as their demeanor.


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8. The Student Athlete

They came to school for sports and sports only. They’re most definitely pursuing a career in sports and coaching related field. They get notifications from ESPN every second. They’re on ESPN app 24/7.

9. The Rich One

Nobody knows how much money this kid has, but people just know this kid is rich. When everyone’s looking for a summer job to earn some rent money, this kid is just chilling on a yacht.


10. Always Working One

This kid is the exact opposite of the rich kid. They’re always short on money. And they’re always checking their bank account and worrying. They’re living the ultimate college student life. Their breaks are filled with so called part time jobs that’s basically a full time job. types of freshmen



Freshmen year is full of fun. It’s really interesting to see bunch of new people you’ve never seen before. You might think you met every type of person in this world, but that’s not the case. Once you hit college, you’ll meet so much more people. You will realize that you have much more to learn. What kind of freshmen are you or were you?

What other types of freshmen do you meet in college? Let us know in the comments below!
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