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The 4 Types Of Employers You’ll Probably Work For In Your Lifetime

The 4 Types Of Employers You’ll Probably Work For In Your Lifetime

These types of employers are people who you're definitely going to work for at some point during your job hunt! This list breaks them down.

Having a job is hard work! We have all had a job before, whether in the form of a part time waiter/waitress position at uni or a fully-fledged graduate job! Nevertheless, it doesn’t really matter what profession you are in or what your job title is as everyone either has, has had or will have these four types of employers …

1. The Strict Employer

You will know that you have this kind of employer if you are genuinely scared of his/ her existence! They are mean, loud and have zero amount of empathy! With this employer, they want the job done YESTERDAY and refuse to give you any kind of evidence suggesting that they are in fact an ACTUAL human being! This type of employer will definitely make you feel as if you should be walking around egg shells around them. Sadly, these employers are found everywhere and their harsh persona will be something you will have to tolerate if you want to keep eating! However, just remember that somewhere, deep down IS in fact a human being who doesn’t actually consider you are being their own personal prey! 😉

The 4 Types Of Employers You'll Probably Work For In Your Lifetime

2. The Two Faced Employer

This one is hard to get around when you get into contact with them. To explain, this so called ‘two faced’ employer will welcome you with both hands at your interview, smile and laugh, telling you everything that you want to here and will continue to do so on your first day at the job. However, after that blissful period has gone he/she WILL turn and will do so for the worse! With this type of employer, they obviously wanted to MAKE you think that they are the ‘best of the best’ and someone truly genuine and nice to work for! In other words, this form of manipulation and indecent trickery only allows you to accept the job in delight, thinking you will be working in a loving and accepting work environment. This is only proven to be false when you are no longer considered a ‘potential’ employee but just like anyone else who works there, and that is when your new boss’s true character comes out. The once nice, gently, accommodating person you saw last week at your interview is now angry, moody and unreasonable! With this one, hang on as long as you can as no one will blame you for wanting to leave someone who tricked you into believing they are the best boss ever!

The 4 Types Of Employers You'll Probably Work For In Your Lifetime

3. The Kind Employer

This person is a ray of sunshine! They are fun, bubbly and so accommodating. Honestly, this is the best kind of employer out there! It is someone who can’t wait to greet you with a loving and warm “good morning” every day at 9 and also who still has a smile on their face at the end of the day, even when it’s been stressful! This employer is definitely someone who you can talk to and say anything to with complete ease! They will also try their hardest to help you with any issues you have, making them appear as if they have an ACTUAL halo around their heads! When you get this type of employer, you will for sure not want to leave them/ the job you are in at any cost!

The 4 Types Of Employers You'll Probably Work For In Your Lifetime

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4. The Mischievous Employer

This one sounds a bit weird but in fact they are just a fun and drama loving kind of person who joyfully likes to see their employees either red faced or slightly annoyed! In other words, think of them as ‘the class clown’ or a prankster, someone who will equally make you laugh in absolute hysterics or cry out of sheer embarrassment! This person will stir up some trouble in the form of drama and be sure to remind you of ALL the stupid and dumb things you have done wrong at the job! With this being said, this kind of employer equally likes it if you joke around with them as well, and doing this will somehow make them like you even more! When you come into contact with this type of employer, be prepared to laugh like you have never laughed before! 😉

The 4 Types Of Employers You'll Probably Work For In Your Lifetime

There you have it, four types of employers you’ll probably work for in your lifetime. So, be prepared for sadness, confusion, agitation, fear, laughter, happiness and embarrassment! In other words, good and bad times lie ahead!

Comment down below what types of employers you have already had and also what other types of employers you’ve had that we have missed out!
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