5 Types of College Roommates You’ll Meet

It’s easy to get bogged down with ideas about what your roommate is going to be like. Maybe the two of you will click- or maybe you’ll avoid talking about anything other than that weird stain on the floor. To help you better prepare for living with a stranger, here’s a list of five universal constant types of college roommates.

1. Messy

She’s never washed a dish in her life, or if she has you’re not seeing evidence of it now. There’s clothes thrown all over the floor and they all have serious stank coming off of them. When you were looking for a roommate, you made sure to mention that you were a little scatterbrained to give your partner in crime the benefit of the doubt. Look where that’s gotten you now.

But hey, at least she never gets on your case for forgetting to take out the trash or vacuum. The only bad news is that you will most definitely have to get on her case for it unless you plan to suck it up and do all the work yourself.

5 Types of College Roommates You’ll Meet

2. Clean

For every Yang there is a Yin. Naruto has Sasuke just as  you will have an uber-clean roommate at some point or another to maintain balance in this frail universe. The funniest part about this roommate is that aside from all the stuff about the cleaning, she’s guaranteed to be one of the nicest people you know. If anything, her calm demands and positive attitude will make you feel like an animal who festers in your own grime.

Seriously- who has the motivation to clean their room not only once- but twice a week?! What sounds like crazy fake adult type responsibilities to you is everyday life for her. Keep your clutter in your room and nod along to the the critique, hopefully it’s a step on the path towards you becoming a more clean roommate yourself.

3. The Partier

Going to college parties is fun, especially if you’re a part of an organization, sorority, or frat. This roommate, however, takes the cake. Really? You’re dressing up to go out to a party on a TUESDAY? Whatever floats your boat I guess… If weed and Juul don’t stink up your dorm, consider yourself blessed. Tred lightly around this one, she might be on the edge of a screaming match or a bender at pretty much all times.

Still, if you end up getting along during the times when she’s not hopelessly hungover, she’ll be sure to show you to some of the coolest parties on campus. Just be wary when you attempt to date anyone she introduces you to, they’re probably acquaintances who are more apart of the “active” side of campus.

5 Types of College Roommates You’ll Meet

4. Workaholic

Regrettably, this is not a roommate that you’ll be able to become BFFs with unless you too are always on the study grind in your dorm. Minimizing fights might consist of you finding other places to hang out, seeing as this roomie might lean towards the reclusive side. You’ve never met someone leaning so far towards ‘I’ on the Myers Briggs. Feel free to try and drag this one out to have some fun, despite the initial protests there’s a large chance she’ll be grateful for it.

5. The Friend

Freshman year begone, why leave the roommate selection up to chance when you can live with one of your best friends? You know this person like the back of your hand. So what if they’re clean, messy, party, or work too much? At least you’re not going into it blind. No matter what annoying habits either of you has, you can both take pride in the fact that you still knowingly decided to live with one another.

5 Types of College Roommates You’ll Meet

What kind of roommates have you had? Finding someone compatible to live with is a hefty task for adult life.

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