The 8 Types Of Boys/Girls You’ll Meet At Pace University

Attending Pace University? There's definitely a type when it comes to guys and girls there. Here's who you can expect to meet!

Let’s be real: going to school in New York City means that you’re going to meet a lot of different kinds of people- most of which you’re going to wish you never encountered. And going to school at Pace University- which is located in the unfortunate center of the frantic Financial District- means that you definitely won’t be immune to having conversations that you wish you never had. Of course, it won’t ALL be bad. One of the best parts about being a Pace student is that you’ll be exposed to so many different kinds of mindsets and people who come from countries all over the world. Here is a guide to prep you for the 8 types of girls and boys you’ll meet Pace.

1. The Study Abroad Kid Who Will Not STFU About Their Study Abroad

Yes, we know you magically became fluent in Italian despite the odds after spending 4 months cruising the Mediterranean and thriving off a diet of spaghetti and gelato. You’ve told the class, your roommates, and anyone else who will listen, this story a million times. Now please shut up.

2. That One Student Who Came For A Semester And Then Disappeared

We all have that friend from our first semester at Pace that just never went back. Where they disappeared to? We’re not sure. We hope they’re doing well, though…

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3. The Maria Tower’s Freshman

You can spot a Maria’s Tower Freshman by the way they dress, sashaying into the class they live in the same building as 20 minutes late, sporting sweats and a plate a of waffle fries and chicken tenders. Living conveniently in the same building as all of their classes means that they can literally just roll out of bed and show up. They’re also undeniably subject to some of the most traumatic housing experiences since they live in the filthiest dorm at Pace, so next time you spot a Maria’s Tower freshie looking worn out and groggy, just give them a break.

4. The Lubin Business Major

Business majors at Pace are pretty easy to spot. They’re usually dressed in a full suit (likely because they’re coming to class straight from an internship at Wall st), and are probably some of the most clean-cut and polished looking students at Pace. They’re usually set to go with a guaranteed career after college and snag literally all of the employers at the career fair (can we get some non-Business oriented employers at the career fair for once though??).

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5. The Actors

You’ll usually find students from the Drama School talking to themselves on the 6th But fear not, they’re probably just practicing a monologue for yet another NBC sitcom audition.

6. The Trendy Chinese Exchange Student

Chinese exchange students at Pace University are notorious for only congregating amongst themselves, and for being really, really fashionable. You probably don’t know one personally, but you know when you see them.

7. The Trendy Russian Exchange Student

Like our Chinese exchange students, you can usually spot a Russian exchange student walking 30 minutes late into your Com lecture sporting a mink coat, stiletto heels, and a latte. If not that, they’re usually posted up in front of the entrance steps with the Frenchies chain-smoking a pack of cigarettes. Why Pace has so many freakishly fashionable international students, I’m not sure. But I’m all here for the style inspiration!

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8. The Social Justice Warrior

Alas, my category at Pace University has also made the cut. You’ll find us SJWs often engaging in arguments over politics with Lubin Business majors, or congregating at non-profit panels and seminars on controversial topics in our political climate. Stirring up a debate about the Trump administration with us is just asking for your demise.

Which one of these students have you run into on campus at Pace University? Comment below!
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