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The 8 Types Of Bars Every College Town Has

The 8 Types Of Bars Every College Town Has

As different as every college town might be there always seems to be these eight types of bars at whatever college town you go to visit. Check out this list of bars and see how many your college town has.

The ‘Irish’ Pub

This bar has a generic name followed by pub and ten signs advertising that they sell Guinness and that’s all it takes to qualify as an Irish pub in your college town.

The Best Part: Pubs usually have fun themed nights like pub quizzes, karaoke or live bands to add to their atmosphere which is always a fun time.


The Worst Part: No matter how hard they try you’re probably never going to like Guinness and that’s okay.

The Student Only Nightclub

You wouldn’t dare show up here before midnight – even if that means standing out in freezing temperatures while the line slowly dwindles down. This is where all your ‘DJ’ friends promise to get you in and will promise to play your favorite tunes.

The Best Part: You’re surrounded by everyone you’ve ever interacted with on campus and any other student who is down to visit. You don’t have to worry about anyone being more than a few years older or younger than you and the DJ will be playing all the latest and greatest hits.


The Worst Part: You’ll run into EVERYONE you know. It can feel like you’ve spent more time saying hi or avoiding people than actually enjoying your night out.

The 8 Types Of Bars Every College Town Has

The Dive

This place should probably be condemned but you and your friends love it. It doesn’t matter what rumors are going around you swear they have the best burger in town.


The Best Part: You’re a student so funds are going to be tight. What the dive lacks in appearance it makes up for in price. It’s the only place in town that won’t break the bank.

The Worst Part: You’ll look back at how much time you spent in this place and seriously consider how you survived four years of university.

The Sports Bar

 The best place to watch all your favorite sports or just eat delicious wings for hours.


The Best Part: There will always be a deal or pitchers so go with a large group and share a few pitchers to watch the game.

The Worst Part: When they try and turn into a club on non-gamedays. It’s jarring trying to bust a move when the hockey highlights are playing on 20 televisions all around you.

The 8 Types Of Bars Every College Town Has


The Classy Night Out

This bar is only seen on birthdays or when your rich friend decides to take everyone out. It’s the only place in town that requires dress shoes and heels, but it’s also the one where you look the worst at the end of the night.

The Best Part: It gives you an excuse to break out that dress you’ve been saving and to get properly dolled up.

The Worst Part: You are not made for a night of $15 drinks and six-inch heels.

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The On-Campus Favorite

For after class drinks or end of year celebrations this is where you can see everyone from your first-year neighbors to your favorite professor.

The Best Part: This is the easiest way to get a group of your friends together for a drink or two and catch up.


The Worst Part: You’ll start a conversation with someone you haven’t seen since your first-year and realize you have no idea what their name is. Not a good look.

The 8 Types Of Bars Every College Town Has

The Event Venue

You’re not 100 percent sure this club is open unless there is some sort of club event happening there.


The Best Part: This is a great mix up for the two bars you and your friends usually go to and it’s a great way to meet new people.

The Worst Part: Your night plan will be all out of whack. Where do you get drunk food? Where can you find a taxi home? There’s a reason you stick to your two favorites.

The Party House

This isn’t technically a bar but it might as well be. Every college town has one house known for its legendary parties and events. The location and host might change from year to year but the atmosphere never does.


The 8 Types Of Bars Every College Town Has

How many of these bars do you have in your college town? Let us know and tell us any we missed in the comments below!

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