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10 Types Of Appalachian State University Students

10 Types Of Appalachian State University Students

These Appalachian State University students are recognizable on campus. Check out the students at Appalachian State University you will see frequently.

When you come into college as a freshman you become more aware of the people you are surrounded by. A walk across campus gives you the opportunity to notice the same type of person over and over again. Here are 10 types of Appalachian State University students you’ll run into.

1. The Coffee Addict

If you have ever stepped foot in the Wired Scholar or Crossroads, you’ve most likely seen a reappearing face. You can always catch them carrying a coffee mug across campus.

coffee gif


2. The Late Comer

Picture this: you’re sitting in your earliest class listening to your professor ramble on and you hear the door slam shut. Surprise! It’s the boy that walks in 30 minutes after class has started.

3. The Sorority Girl

These girls are proud to display their organization through buttons, hats, and sweatshirts. Their letters are displayed more around school than the alphabet was when you were in kindergarten.

4. The Shacker

Have you ever looked at someone and said, rough night? These people can usually be seen trekking back to their dorm with sunglasses and an outfit from the night before.


walk of shame

5. The Athlete

You can pick an athlete out by the unending amounts of team gear they wear. Just like in Greek life, athletes are never found without a piece of team merchandise…and maybe like four plates of food.

6. The Pledge

All you have to do is look out the window to know it’s pledge season. These boys are easily recognized at Appalachian State University by their khaki pants, blazers, and ability to name five brothers.


frat boy

7. The People Ready for the Runway

I don’t know about you, but I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve dressed up for class. As I comfortably walk to class, I pass people that look like they just walked off the runway for the newest line of fashion.

8. The Down to Earth People

It may be snowing but that won’t going stop these people from walking across campus barefoot. If they aren’t on campus, they probably took a day off to go hiking.

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9. The ROCK Star (pun intended) at Appalachian State University

No, these people aren’t the lead singers in the band. These are the stoners that you see walking around with bloodshot eyes, trying to avoid eye contact with everyone.


10. The Voter Advocate

“Are you registered to vote in Watauga county?” When you hear this question, you do your best to find another way to class.

voting gif



Even though Appalachian is a very accepting campus, stereotypes are definitely seen all over. The next time you’re walking across campus, see what kind of people you pass by.

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