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Which Type of Dog You Would Be Based On Personality Traits

Which Type of Dog You Would Be Based On Personality Traits

Have you ever wondered what type of dog you would be? Everyone loves dogs. And if you don’t like dogs, then chances are most people don’t like you. Well, whether you love dogs or not, most owners are sometimes told that they look like their dogs. You know- the beautiful blonde accompanied by her golden retriever, or the curly haired poodle with her permed owner. But, has anyone ever told you that you acted like a certain type of dog? You may have to look a little deeper than the surface, but I am paw-sitive that you or a friend can somehow relate to a four legged friend. Keep reading to see which type of dog you and your friends would be based on your personality traits!

Labrador Retriever

Everyone would like to think they would be a Labrador retriever: arguably America’s most popular dog breed. But are you or any of your friends actually like a lab? We all have that one friend who is constantly happy, wildly adventurous, and always there for you in any way. Need a last minute partner to go swimming with? They’re down. Did you accidentally leave your favorite sweatshirt in the dining hall? They’ll retrieve it for you without a second thought. If you or your friends are like a Labrador Retriever, you are super reliable, easy-going, and always fun to be around. Some might say this person is man’s best friend.

  • wildly adventurous
  • constantly happy, fun to be around
  • super reliable, easy going
  • there for anyone immediately
  • last minute swimming/adventure partner
  • favor-doer
  • someone who chills out and eats junk food with you

English Bull Dog

You might have a friend who is somewhat on the lazy side, they don’t do too much activity wise, but they’re still fun to be around. They’re really not into exercising, they would prefer to just hang out inside, but you can always count on them for a good laugh. Even though they have their problems occasionally, they are still very affectionate and you do love having them around, as long as they aren’t incessantly farting.

  • somewhat lazy
  • don’t like too much activity or exercise
  • farts a lot
  • you can always count on them for a good laugh
  • has their “moods” and are somewhat stubborn
  • very affectionate

Border Collie

This is a friend you love, and you hate. You hate them because this person has the full package. They are beautiful, smart, and also energetic and athletic with no breaking a sweat. Basically they don’t really have any flaws.

  • possibly the smartest person in the friend group
  • physically beautiful
  • pretty much no flaws
  • enthusiastic and energetic
  • always trying to engage you in a fun activity
  • never breaks a sweat


I think all of us have had that one friend we know who is a little ball of fire. Compared to their somewhat small size, they are about as in charge as it gets. They’ll let you know exactly how they feel, even if you don’t want to hear it. But you know them very well, so you know how great of a person they can be (when they want to be).

  • the friend who is smaller in stature but a ball of fire
  • they tell you exactly what you need to hear, when you don’t want to hear it
  • particular about what they eat
  • refusing anything but the best
  • loving when (and if) they feel like it


American Pit Bull Terrier

You might know of that person who is physically large, and very strong. At first, your parent’s questioned your choice in befriending this person, but you insisted to them to not judge a book by its cover. He is athletic, loves everyone he meets, and is an all-around good guy. But you will only find this out if you are ‘brave’ enough to get to know him.

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  • only intimidating in their appearance
  • physically strong and usually large
  • complete goofball, fun at heart
  • athletic, loyal and loving


This person is very loving and very affectionate. But they can be stubborn from time to time, and very often have the problem of not knowing when enough is enough and to stop talking. Seriously, this friend never shuts their mouth – no matter how hard you try to veer their interest in a different direction. This friend is always playful, very outdoorsy, and always on the hunt for a good time. If you spend a lot of time with this friend, you’ll often find yourself running around outside through the woods, and doing weird things like chasing squirrels up trees… Yeah I don’t get it either. This friend is a LOT, but you can’t help but love them.

  • loving and affectionate
  • stubborn from time to time
  • never stops chatting
  • a lot to handle, sometimes up to no good
  • can’t help but love them


While there are many exceptions to breeds and no description of every type of dog can be spot on for every pup out there, I am sure we can all agree on one thing… No matter what breed of dog you may act like, it’s still better than being compared to a cat.

What type of dog would you be? Which one do you think your friends would be? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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