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15 Tweets You Will Relate To If You’re A Middle Child

15 Tweets You Will Relate To If You’re A Middle Child

Being a middle child is hard work. We deny having middle child syndrome and we need to be the fave. If you are the middle child you can relate to these.

Being a middle child means we’re the ones probably forgotten at a restaurant or mixed up with another sibling. We’re not the one in charge or the cute one, but simply the one stuck in between. From one middle child to another, here are 15 tweets that perfectly describe life in the middle.

1. You Can’t Mess Up

Since you’re not the first victim in the family your older sibling made a path of mistakes that you learned from, and suddenly everything wrong you do isn’t so bad or, is ‘a phase’, because you weren’t the first to do it. But with your younger sibling(s) your parent’s want to get it right, like a last hoorah type thing, so you somehow sneak by and get away with all kinds of stuff because really it’s one kid. Not a big deal.

2. You’re Independent

You’re incredibly independent because your parents are either busy moving your older sib into a new apartment or registering your younger sib for sports in the fall so most of the time you’re just like “no it’s fine I’ll make myself mac and cheese…again.”


3. You’re The Mediator

You’re pretty good with people since you’ve had to be the peace maker in a lot of situations. Or just stay out of it. Mostly stay out of it

4. You’re A People Pleaser

You’ve taken the blame for things that aren’t even your fault just to make everyone happy and get all of your siblings to LEAVE YOU BE.

5. You’re A Pro Student and Teacher

You’re kind of like your own man made map. You learned the way of the world from your older sibling but then you had to teach your younger sibling everything you know so really you’re just one big book of how to get by. Well done.


6. You’re Hysterical

Your younger sib is probably pretty funny and really, they have you to thank for letting them run jokes by you before they release their insanity to the outside world. I shouldn’t take credit but I will. You’re welcome little one.

7. You’re Sensitive

You’re really sensitive and aware of other people’s feelings because while your older sib was off doing awesome stuff you had to make sure your younger sib was happy while also trying desperately to get your older sib to notice you. Woah, that was a lot.




8. You Can Negotiate

You’re pretty damn good at negotiating since you saw both sides of fights. You mastered the art of reasoning and being able to see multiple points of view. You should really get paid for that.


9. You’ll respond to basically any name cause really who can remember yours, am I right?

10. You have a hard core love hate relationship with attention.

You don’t always get a ton of it so when you do it’s amazing but at the same time too much of it makes you wish your parents would just have another child so they can focus on them.


11. Black Sheep

You’re the black sheep of your family. You’re slightly different  from each of your siblings. If they’re all sporty you’re completely uncoordinated, if they’re super popular you’re more in the mere mortal crowd. But black looks good on you, no worries

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12. You Exaggerate … A Lot

You tend to exaggerate in order to make a point. If no ones listening you’ve got to get their attention somehow. This basically works all the time. 100% fool proof.



13. You kind of love being in the middle

The middle of pictures, hugs, and pure chaos. Sure you may complain but who doesn’t love being the peanut butter and jelly?


14. You have a pretty good relationship with both of your parents.

You don’t favor either one because they both focus on the other delinquents most of the times you never got the chance to develop a preference. Either or will do.



15. You’re Perfect

You’re maybe, sort of the awesomest person in your family. From a fellow middle child, you’re pretty cool! Keep it up 🙂

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