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TV Shows To Binge on Date Night With Your Significant Other

TV Shows To Binge on Date Night With Your Significant Other

We’re always looking for the next TV show to binge. More and more couples are choosing ‘Netflix and Chill’ for date night. If you’re looking for a show to watch with your significant other, you’ve come to the right place!

1.) Dexter

This show follows the main character Dexter through the trials of his life revealing trauma, love, loss, and murder. Dexter Morgan leads a secret life as a serial killer who follows the ‘code’ his adopted father, Harry, set for him to ensure that he only killed those who didn’t deserve to live. He deals with moral dilemmas because of his career as a forensic scientist for the Miami PD. Dexter’s sister rises through the ranks at the Miami PD and puts Dexter in an even more difficult situation. As Dexter moves forward in his life, he must make difficult decisions along the way and decide whether to stray from Harry’s ‘code.’ There are 8 seasons of ‘Dexter’ to enjoy! 


2.) You

You’ follows main character Joe Goldberg as he meets, falls in love, and uses any technology he can think of to remove all obstacles in his way of getting Beck into his arms. This includes friends and family that Joe attempts to remove from her life. He makes Beck his sole focus and pushes nearly every other aspect out. Joe eventually ends up stalking Beck to make her fall in love with him. Murder, tense moments and mind-blowing twists and turns fill this drama series and keep you guessing as the episodes pass by! There are 2 seasons of ‘You‘ to enjoy!

3.) Arrow

For the superhero lovers in us all, Arrow follows Oliver Queen as he transitions from party boy living off his parents’ money to the city superhero savior. He begins the battle on his own, going after the bad guys before he is eventually joined by multiple other hero’s. Oliver experiences love and loss while acting as the ‘Green Arrow.’ Eventually, his past comes back to haunt him in later seasons and Oliver must make some very difficult decisions on what path he’ll take for his future and the future of his crew and his city. There are 8 seasons of ‘Arrow‘ to enjoy!


4.) Forever 

For the dreamer in all of us, ‘Forever‘ follows Henry Morgan, who is 200 years old. After being shot on a crew ship, he claims ‘something happened’ and ever since, he’s unable to die….or at least remain dead.  Every time he’s killed, he comes back in the water, and he always comes back nude. His son Abe assists with picking him up each time he comes back in the water. You see Henry try to figure out what happened and how living as long as he has is possible. You also watch Henry search for the woman he claims is the love of his life, who is also Abe’s mother. It’s a fantastical adventure series that stirs every emotion. Unfortunately, there is only 1 season of ‘Forever‘ to enjoy.


5.) Parks and Recreation

For those who enjoy ‘The Office‘, this show is a comedic goldmine. It follows the same type of talking straight to the camera humor. Short skits make it easy to follow. Slapstick humor and purposeful overacting make it a great series for when you need a good laugh. Amy Poehler plays Leslie Knope, department deputy director and President of the United States hopeful. There are always plenty of laughs to be found when Poehler is around. There are 7 Seasons of Parks and Recreation to enjoy!

6.) Bates Motel 

Remember little Charlie from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’? He’s grown up now and in a twisted prequel to ‘Psycho‘, this show follows teenage Norman Bates and his mother as they purchase the motel and all the events that follow.  You watch as his psyche slowly unravels and learn what lead him to his later actions. There are 5 seasons of ‘Bates Motel‘ to enjoy!


7.) Weeds

Weeds stars Mary-Louise Parker as a suburban mom who turns to selling weed as a source of income when her husband dies. She wants to maintain the lavish lifestyle she’s accustomed to. She quickly learns just how easy it is in her suburban neighborhood due to the neighborhoods already highly addicted nature. Weeds is unique in the fact that it focuses very highly on shocking plot twists. There are 8 seasons of ‘Weeds‘ to enjoy!

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8.) Game of Thrones

What is there to say about Game of Thrones? The global phenomenon hit the airwaves and nobody ever looked back. It exploded in the first seasons and only grew. The character deaths seemed limitless. The drama was never-ending as high society families fought for power over a mythical medieval realm. Based on George R. R. Martin’s series ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ the series lasted a remarkable 73 episodes. Many thought the final season seemed rushed and extremely poor quality compared to the first seven, but just the fact that it lasted as long as it did is incredible. There are 8 seasons of ‘Game of Thrones‘ to enjoy!


9.) Dead to Me

Newly widowed (and death metal listening!) Christina Applegate strikes up a friendship with a stalkerish type woman in group therapy. Things tend to go awry when the two of them are together and there are some fun twists and turns involved. There are 2 seasons of ‘Dead to Me‘ to enjoy!

10.) Shrill

Shrill is a coming of age show about a plus-size woman who looks for ways to change her life, without having to change her body. She is comfortable the way she is and tries to find ways to make those around her comfortable too. She learns to love herself in a lot of ways she never expected. It puts a great feminist spin on a series. It’s a body-positive show that will make you appreciate the skin you were born in! There are 2 seasons of ‘Shrill‘ to enjoy!


Have you seen any of these shows? Which ones would you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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