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5 TV Shows To Binge Now That Game Of Thrones Is Over

5 TV Shows To Binge Now That Game Of Thrones Is Over

5 TV Shows To Binge Now That Game Of Thrones Is Over

Now that the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is over, many television fans have been left wondering what tv shows to watch next. For the people that have been following Game of Thrones since the early seasons, having to find a show to watch during the long breaks between seasons is nothing new. However, this time it isn’t just a long break. It’s a permanent end. For the Game of Thrones fans that got into the show in the later seasons, finding a new tv show to binge is a difficult task. We’ve spent countless hours falling in love with the characters, the plot, and the magically violent world of Game of Thrones for the past 8 seasons. If you’re like me, it is truly hard to say goodbye. Thankfully, this isn’t the first time I’ve had to say goodbye to the characters of a tv show that I’ve become enamored with. It’s actually happened many times for me, so with those experiences under my belt, I’m here to help everyone else who is struggling to find something new to binge on their streaming service of choice. Here are 5 TV shows I recommend binging now that Game of Thrones is over.

1. Chernobyl

With Game of Thrones ending, HBO already had the perfect tv show lined up to pull viewers back in. Chernobyl, a 5 part historical drama miniseries, depicts the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986 and the cleanup efforts that immediately followed. Now with the highest IMDB rating of any tv show ever, Chernobyl is gaining lots of critical acclaim. The show pulls people in and entices them through the dramatic storyline. The actors are phenomenal, and despite your prior knowledge of the historical event, will still have you craving to see what happens next. Unfortunately it’s only a miniseries, but Chernobyl is already being compared to some of the greatest tv shows of all time, so its definitely worth a watch.

2. Barry

Due to its minimal amount of episodes, you’ll likely binge Chernobyl faster than most other tv shows. However, once you’re done with that, here’s another amazing HBO tv show for you to watch. Unfortunately, Barry is another pretty quick watch, as it just finished its second season, but at least it will give you something to look forward to! Barry, stars Bill Hader as a depressed hitman who learns that LA might be his sanctuary while on a business trip. Barry wants to leave behind the assassin life and chase his new dream – acting. Though Barry wants to become an actor, his criminal past won’t let him walk away so easily, thus making for a bizarre, entertaining, and darkly humorous tv show that’s definitely worth watching.


3. Californication

Tv shows come and go a dime a dozen. We often eventually forget about the tv shows that aren’t anything special, however, this is a show I’ll never forget. In Californication, David Duchovny stars as troubled writer Hank Moody. The show is a drug, alcohol, and sex fueled rollercoaster ride combined with witty dialogue, great character development, and truckloads of emotion. The main focus of this Showtime masterpiece is Hank Moody’s drinking, womanizing, drug abuse, and decision making all while trying to rekindle his relationship with his daughters mother and raise their daughter. This show will make you laugh and cry, and if you’re like me, you’ll watch all seven seasons at an alarming rate.

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4. Lucifer

With Netflix giving us so many tv shows, it’s hard to sort through the good and the bad. I just recently started watching Lucifer and I haven’t been able to stop, so I would put this one in the “good” category. Lucifer follows the original fallen angel, Lucifer, who has become bored of ruling Hell and has decided to retire to Los Angeles. Now as an LA night club owner, Lucifer indulges in women, booze, and anything else that he finds fun. However, once a murder takes place outside his nightclub, Lucifer realizes he would be great at detective work, so he joins forces with detective Chloe Decker to find and punish the evil on earth.


5. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

I wasn’t planning on writing about the tv shows everyone should have seen by now, but in the off chance you haven’t seen this one, it’s time to binge. Always Sunny follows “the gang,” a group of depraved degenerates that own a unsuccessful bar named Paddy’s Pub. Their ridiculous personalities make for a hilarious tv show about this group of friends who scheme, conspire, and love nothing more than to take pleasure in each other’s misery. When you finally think they’ve stooped to a new low, they stoop even lower, making for a twisted-yet-hysterical sitcom.

These aren’t the only great tv shows out there, but these shows are all definitely worth watching. Leave a comment on your favorite tv show to binge right now!

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