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The Top 5 TV Shows That Have A Positive Impact On Society

The Top 5 TV Shows That Have A Positive Impact On Society

Here are some of the top TV shows that have a positive impact on society. They are a great late night watch when you get home from the office.

TV shows that are on-air in today’s society, have evolved into having a pinpoint focus and positive impact, with having their content relate and reflect what is currently going on in the world. The comedy and overall entertainment aspect of what makes a great TV show is still intact, but now includes giving viewers real life takes and opinions on what plagues our society everyday like racism, inequality and so forth. There are TV shows that have a positive impact in particular, that currently have a positive impact on society with the kinds of topics that address and discuss that have open the doorway for people to now have open conversations about what is really going on in our world…


“Blackish” is a show that airs on the ABC network. It revolves around an upper-class African America family and showcases how they tackle racial and inequality injustices that they have dealt with personally and that are currently happening in the world. What is also extremely great about “Blackish”, is that the opening of each episode of their show always includes Black History lessons and facts that people may not have known.

Dear White People

The Netflix’s series “Dear White People”, is another great show that showcases the racial and inequality issues that minorities deal with. The show takes place at a college and follows around a few students and focuses more on showing how they handle the blatant racism that takes place among them. The show also dives into topics on some of students figuring out their sexual orientation, gender inequality and the pressures of feeling you have to be perfect in order to succeed.

The Chi

“The Chi” is a Showtime series that showcase how brutally rough it can be to live on the South side of Chicago. The show’s premise follows three main characters in their respective day to day to lives but then how a tragedy brings them together. Gun violence, drug epidemic and gang territories, are some of the topics that are brought to light in the show and showcases how the southside of Chicago, needs some drastic changes made for the betterment of the livelihood of its people. This is one of the TV shows that have a positive impact.

The Top 5 TV Shows That Have A Positive Impact On Society

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The Good Doctor

ABC network’s “The Good Doctor”, is a brilliant show about a young doctor who has Autism. The show details how he is constantly looked down on, mistreated and pushed to the side because he is autistic. However, the doctor never lets it effects his belief in how much a great doctor and he is and as time goes on, the other doctors around start to recognize how exceptionally gifted he is and how they always need his input.


“Insecure”, is a show that comes on HBO and was made for women! The show centers around one woman’s relationship that then ends because of her infidelity and tackles how she handles dealing with the breakup, trying to get back into the dating scene and her dissatisfaction with her job. The show also dives into the life of her best friend who is a lawyer and is dealing with not being treated and paid equally as her male coworkers. All these shows, are ones that I personally feel have added great value to TV shows in our current era with their content and relevance to real world issues. This is one of the TV shows that have a positive impact.

Which of these TV shows that have a positive impact have you seen? Let us know below.

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