What TV Show You Should Watch Next Based On Your Moon Sign

Your moon signs are the zodiac signs that represent the inner you. They represent your emotions and feelings. Moon signs are usually different between rising sun signs because they work on different timelines, but sometimes they can be the same! Find your moon sign and discover which TV show you should watch next!

Aries: Jessica Jones

If your moon sign is in Aries you are a pioneer and trailblazer! You are full of contagious energy an possess an independent spirit! Watch a show that shows another fearless person like Jessica Jones! This show belongs to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and follows a woman who discovers she has superpowers after a tragic car accident. She creates a detective agency after a traumatic event happens to her. Jessica is smart and leader, much like you Aries! This is a TV show you should watch!

Taurus: Parks and Recreation

People born under the Taurus moon believe in security and peace. They are patient when in the process of achieving their goals, but once they get there it’s full steam ahead! Watch a tried and true classic like Parks and Recreation! This NBC comedy hit was a favorite among critics and viewers. The cast of characters were always consistent and their writing never felt off or out of character.

Gemini: The Jinx

Gemini moon’s are talkers. You love to socialize and get to know the feel of a room. You have a talent Gemini, you can get anyone talking! Your curious spirit is perfect for watching tv documentaries like HBO’s The Jinx. The Jinx follows Robert Durst as he is accusing of murdering a couple of people. This show sprung in popularity when Durst was convicted of first degree murder while it was still airing. This is a TV show you should watch!

Cancer: Queer Eye

Cancer moons would love nothing more than staying inside with a good bingeable tv show full of compassionate and maternal emotions. Watch a binge worthy show like Queer Eye, each episode provides a heartwarming story and changes the lives of downtrodden people for the better. Perfect for you crab!

Leo: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

You love anything theatrical, big and loud. Theatre and music are some of your biggest passions. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on the CW has the perfect amount of crazy, fun and music number that your soul needs. Rachel a high powered lawyer has a midlife crisis, bumps into her first crush and decides to move to his hometown in California. Sounds like the perfect premis for you!

Virgo: Mr. Robot

Virgo moons love to provide a lending ear to friends in trouble and are always open to provide constructive criticism. You love to pay attention to detail and find value in the little things. Mr. Robot is a show that takes care of filling even the tiniest of moments with rich information. Elliot Alderson, the main character who is a hacker from New York, will seem like a friend, and you’ll find yourself giving him advice across the screen! This is a TV show you should watch!

Libra: Sense8

Libra moon’s are the balance of the zodiac signs. Libra’s crave artistry and beauty. They are always seeking harmony. Sense8’s beautiful cinematography will immediately capture the attention of any Libra moon. Filmed at locations around this world, this sci fi show about interconnected people seeking peace and understanding will be a binge worthy show for Libra.

Scorpio: In the Flesh

The scorpio moon is very similar to the Scorpio sun, just much more intense. People who fall under the scorpio moon are passionate, sexual, and value loyalty. Although In the Flesh was cancelled and a couple of years old it is still a great piece of television any Scorpio will value. In the Flesh takes place in in a world after a zombie infection. Zombies are reintegrated into society and deal with ostracization that happens as a result.

See Also

Sagittarius: Pushing Daisies

The Sagittarius moon always looks at the bright side of things and is always searching to learn more. You are interested in getting to the bottom of giant, broad philosophical questions. Pushing Daisies is a show about a man who has the power to bring people back to life, but if they stay alive for more than one minute someone else has to die in his place. This colorful, often light and quirky show has some deeper themes running through it which makes it perfect for any person with a moon in Sagittarius. This is a TV show you should watch!

Aquarius: Twin Peaks

David Lynch’s cult favorite tv show Twin Peaks was basically made for people under an Aquarius moon. The Aquarius moon sign represents people with an indescribable otherworldliness and hunger for edgy avant garde content. Twin Peaks is a mystery horror about an FBI detective who goes to solve a high schooler’s murder. This shows subverts an otherwise common concept into an experimental masterpiece through surrealism and a distinctive narrative voice.

Pisces: Downton Abbey

People born under the Pisces moon are dreamy, intuitive and always ready to help anyone in need. They have an emotional heart and love love. Downton Abbey is a historical drama that takes place in the early 20th century and follows the Crawley family. Pisces moons will love the period piece aspects to this show and the often dramatic and epic love stories each of the family members encounter. This is a TV show you should watch!

Which of these recommendations for the TV show you should watch are you going to try? Let us know below.

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Andrea is a writer from California who keeps buying used books she doesn't need from library sales. Her favorite author is Sylvia Plath and she is currently working on her first novel, a middle grade book about kids in space.

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