5 TV Series For A Sophisticated Night-In

Want to impress a new potential hookup with your sophisticated taste in TV series? These shows are guaranteed to improve your Netflix and chill game!

Everyone needs a solid night in to just Netflix and chill. But you aren’t everyone. You are up late in the Clem or Alderman studying Economics or Biology every weeknight. Every morning for breakfast, you have avocado toast and a Corner Juice smoothie. You are a student at the University of Virginia, and you are sophisticated AF (nights at Trin don’t count). So, when you chill, you chill with your pinkies up, legs crossed and non-prescription glasses on. You chill only for the best of the best – no exceptions. These five TV series represent not only some of the most intellectually stimulating night-in material available, but they’re guaranteed to show your “chill buddy” (CB) you’ve got a good taste in TV series.

5. “Mad Men” – Netflix

If you can refrain from drooling at the sight of the gorgeous cast members…. Jon Hamm, January Jones and Christina Hendricks (to name a few) … you’ll gain an all-access pass to the rampant misogyny and racism prevalent in the 1960’s workforce–A+ chilling material, right? You and your CB can even rally behind Peggy, the series’ heroine, as she drinks, pitches and smokes her way through a world of slick, handsome yet misogynistic men!  Looking for an “alternative” way to study American history with your CB? This series will do anything but drive you mad.

The TV series you need to watch at UVA for a sophisticated night in.

4. “Orange is The New Black” – Netflix

OITNB is definitely the lightest of the five options–perfect for a first-time chill sesh. This show is chalk-full of award-winning comedy, but don’t be fooled by its comedic gold –OITNB provides a light-hearted account of the real-world struggles of incarcerated females and the de-humanizing treatment they endure while behind bars. As you and your CB sit back and relax, ready to chill to this series, try to keep at least one of your eyes on the screen (yeah, we know it’s hard), because this isn’t your average Netflix original.

The TV series you need to watch at UVA for a sophisticated night in.

3. “Homeland” – Hulu


No chill night is complete without some dishearteningly realistic (yet fictitious) material about the CIA’s counterterrorism efforts. You and your CB can panic and stumble alongside officer, Carrie Mathison, as she grapples with the reality that the man she loves – and who cheated on his wife and family with her – may be a terrorist. If you’re planning on taking your “chilling relationship” to the next level, “Homeland” is a stark reminder to communicate your issues before committing to something more serious.The TV series you need to watch at UVA for a sophisticated night in.

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2. How to Get Away with Murder – Hulu

I mean not much explaining is needed here – literal rock-star Viola Davis stars in an endlessly educational series that may prove to be useful later, that is, if this chill session doesn’t live up to expectations. Tune into this award-winning show to send a very specific message to your CB: if he’s playing games, he’s as good as gone.The TV series you need to watch at UVA for a sophisticated night in.

1. “The Handmaid’s Tale” – Hulu

This one’s guaranteed to lead to some serious chilling. Based on Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel, “The Handmaid’s Tale” serves as a forewarning to Americans regarding the socioeconomic and cultural rise of women in our society (scary, I know) and the imminent retaliation from the male population–PERFECT material for a frisky Thursday night. So if you and your CB don’t know what the future holds, we suggest that you avoid this one.The TV series you need to watch at UVA for a sophisticated night in.

These five series are all sure to buzz those brain cells and stimulate some intellectually steamy conversations.

If you have any other sophisticated tv series worthy of a mention, comment below!

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